Letter to the editor: Capitalism isn’t good

They’re an important provider of pollination for our food supplies. Martin,Merrifield Love. One day our news headline will read “One billion on Earth now reaching starvation level due to low food supplies.”What corporations and their primarily Republican shills call burdensome government “regulations,” real people call “protections” for everyone.Ask yourself: Will Trump, his family and the corporate families be part of that one billion? In spite of the complicated, indecipherable propaganda we’re constantly bathed in, that’s a given of capitalism. No.Sad. Capitalism is good at what it does, but what it does isn’t good.It guarantees that as some become richer, others have to be made poorer. Like cancer, it depends on “growth.” But like cancer, it’s incapable of looking ahead and seeing the obvious: It will kill its host and so kill itself.Like cancer, capitalism spreads and consumes everything around it. Nolan to support mining proposals, by foreign companies, in northeast Minnesota, potentially causing great environmental harm that will be permanent. He’s a Republican, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Trump chooses corporations! When their tailings dam breaks, they’ll fold and split, not stay and mitigate the mess and destruction.Just one example: Trump is holding off protecting “rusty patched bumble bees” in Minnesota and Wisconsin (they once ranged over 28 states). It’s what has pushed even our Democratic Rep. Amen.A. This lack of protection for bees helps corporations make money that use chemical sprays.Corporations versus life on Earth?