S.Carolina white supremacist dreamed of Roof-style attack

President Donald Trump’s administration to reorganize a government program designed to counter all violent ideologies, including white supremacist groups, to instead focus solely on Islamist extremism.McDowell made his first appearance before a judge on Thursday on a charge of possession of a firearm and ammunition by a prohibited person. … Benjamin McDowell, 29, told the undercover agent he had not planned any specific targets or dates for an attack but glorified Roof during conversation and on Facebook, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation affidavit.”I seen what Dylann Roof did, and in my heart I reckon I got a little bit of hatred. A subsequent court date was scheduled for Tuesday. He said he fantasized about conducting a large-scale attack and writing out the words “In the spirit of Dylann Roof.”A representative for the Federal Public Defenders, who will represent McDowell, declined to comment.Roof was sentenced to death in January after being convicted of crimes stemming from the massacre of a Bible study group at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston on June 17, 2015, which left nine people dead.The affidavit said McDowell asked the FBI agent to buy him a firearm, which he could not legally possess due to a prior felony conviction.McDowell established connections with the hate group White Supremacy Extremists during previous prison stints and thought the agent was a member of the Aryan Nations hate group, according to the affidavit.The document said McDowell instructed the agent to pick him up from his mother’s house on Wednesday and drive him to the home of his grandfather so he could borrow the money to buy a handgun from the agent.The affidavit said the two met as planned and the agent provided McDowell the handgun, which had its firing pin shaved down as to make it inoperative. Feb 16 (Reuters) – A white supremacist in South Carolina dreamed of carrying out an attack in the style of church massacre shooter Dylann Roof but was arrested after he illegally bought a gun from an undercover FBI agent, authorities said on Thursday. I want to do that,” McDowell told an undercover FBI agent in January. He also supplied McDowell $109 worth of hollow-point ammunition.Shortly thereafter, McDowell was arrested in the parking lot of a hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the affidavit said.The arrest occurred just weeks after Reuters reported plans of U.S.

Vogt’s Notes: Perform a random act of kindness today

Sure, the week’s a bit more than half over, but you still have time to participate. You can dole them out for free every day.Help pack someone’s groceries at the store. Pick up the phone and call your grandparents, your parents, your children, a best friend just to say hi.Share a treat with a co-worker. 12-18. I know that would make my day to have a stranger buy my cup of foo-foo coffee.This is the perfect week to do just that — it’s Random Acts of Kindness Week this week, Feb. Send a text to a friend or relative just to say hi. Offer a cup of coffee from your pot to someone. 17, is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Hold a door open. Let’s all try to dole out kindness a little more often. It didn’t take much thought on my part. Bought a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line?I’ve never done that last deed, but I’d like to someday. Tell a joke to someone who’s feeling down. Helped brush snow off a co-worker’s car parked next to yours? Challenge yourself to make nice gestures every day.Given the state of our world today, a little, random act of kindness can go a long way to making someone’s day better. It put a smile on the shopper’s face, as well as my own. Give someone a compliment on a job well done, a new hairstyle, a nice outfit, a pretty smile, a positive attitude.A random act of kindness doesn’t have to cost money. We had a pleasant exchange that left my heart full and, I think, her heart full.A little gesture. Put a grocery cart away for someone. It wasn’t difficult, and it didn’t take any time.As I walked into Pequot Lakes Supervalu one day, I passed a shopper in a handicapped parking spot putting her groceries into the car. A helping hand brightened two people’s day, even if in just a small way.Have you ever experienced such a feeling? I’ll let you know if I buy that cup of coffee for someone. Let someone with fewer items go ahead of you in the checkout line. Let me know what random act of kindness you undertake – email me at nancy.vogt@pineandlakes.com or find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PEJNancy.I can’t wait to hear about all the acts of kindness. A random act of kindness is simply a selfless act of being nice to someone else. In fact, Friday, Feb. Don’t be intimidated. I challenge all of you to do at least one kind act for someone today, if not more. Stood out in the frigid cold for just a minute longer to hold the door open for someone coming in behind you? (I have a co-worker who randomly through the week tosses a Hershey Kiss or Dove chocolate to me. It wasn’t a huge gesture. It makes my day!)Don’t limit your random acts of kindness to this week or Friday only. Smile and say hi to people you pass by. “Would you like me to take your cart in?” I asked.The shopper was so grateful and thankful. No matter how big or little the act, just do it.It’s easy.

Reminder-Feb. 16, 2017

Friday, Feb. 17, featuring music, crafts, games, snacks and a movie, “The Secret Life of Pets.” Kid’s Day OutWOW Church of the Nazarene in Backus will host a Kid’s Day Out event from 1-3:30 p.m.

Head-on crash kills Pequot Lakes man, closes part of Highway 371

The state patrol had a district investigator, a crash reconstruction specialist, a commercial vehicle inspector and two road troopers on the scene.A portion of Highway 371 is closed near the crash site as emergency personnel work the scene to investigate the crash. Recommended for youTicked: Nisswa woman learns to live with rare allergyAccident has Hwy. Traffic has been rerouted for hours, sending motorists around East Twin Lake to Wilderness road, Crow Wing County Road 107 and Olson Road. in Sibley Township in Crow Wing County. 1 / 3Northbound traffic is being directed as indicated by the orange arrows. The state patrol reported the Pequot Lakes man was driving a 1998 Ford truck north on Highway 371, when it hit a jersey barrier on the right and went across the highway in the southbound lane, hitting a 1998 Peterbilt semitrailer head-on. Steve Kohls/Brainerd Dispatch3 / 3PEQUOT LAKES—A 60-year-old Pequot Lakes man was killed Thursday morning when the truck he was driving hit a semitrailer head-on on Highway 371, south of Pequot Lakes. 371 closed north of NisswaThe Minnesota State Patrol responded to the crash at 6:31 a.m. The semitrailer was a logging truck that wasn’t loaded.The name of the deceased is expected to be released Thursday night, pending notification of family.The state patrol reported the Pequot Lakes man did not have his seat belt on.The driver of the semitrailer, Daniel T. BrainerdDispatch.com Illustration2 / 3Minnesota State Patrol officials examine a vehicle involved in a fatal collision Thursday morning on Highway 371 south of Pequot Lakes. Recommended for youTicked: Nisswa woman learns to live with rare allergyAccident has Hwy. Southbound traffic is following the route indicated by the green arrows. Jackson, 60, Hackensack was not injured.The Pequot Lakes police and fire departments, the Nisswa Fire Department, the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office and North Memorial Ambulance assisted the state patrol at the scene. 371 closed north of Nisswa

Minn. man killed in head-on collision with semi

PEQUOT LAKES, Minn. The semitrailer was a logging truck that wasn’t loaded.The name of the deceased is expected to be released Thursday night, pending notification of family.The State Patrol reported the Pequot Lakes man did not have his seat belt on.The driver of the semitrailer, Daniel T. Recommended for youSuspects at large in hatchet assault on manPolice Blotter-Aug. in Sibley Township in Crow Wing County. Recommended for youSuspects at large in hatchet assault on manPolice Blotter-Aug. 16, when the truck he was driving hit a semitrailer head-on on Highway 371, south of Pequot Lakes. Jackson, 60, Hackensack, was not injured.A portion of Highway 371 was   closed near the crash site Thursday morning as emergency personnel work the scene to investigate the crash. 11, 2016Crow Wing County Most Wanted: New faces added in August The State Patrol reported the Pequot Lakes man was driving a 1998 Ford truck north on Highway 371, when it hit a jersey barrier on the right and went across the highway in the southbound lane, hitting a 1998 Peterbilt semitrailer head-on. 11, 2016Crow Wing County Most Wanted: New faces added in AugustThe Minnesota State Patrol responded to the crash at 6:31 a.m. — A 60-year-old Pequot Lakes man was killed Thursday morning, Feb.

Nisswa: City hires interim city clerk – Council will look at clerk/administrator position

This could be completed about two months after a decision about a clerk/administration position.Council member Gary Johnson said he was impressed with Gary Weiers’ proposal for David Drown Associates on Feb. She has worked for the city for 20 years, including the last 10 as clerk/treasurer.The council agreed to contract with David Drown Associates, who has worked with area cities, including Pequot Lakes and Baxter, to fill city clerk or administrator positions. An interim clerk, Scott Saehr, could start immediately, initially working up to 30 hours per week.Saehr, former Pierz city administrator, has provided interim services to Motley and Pierz as part of the NJPA process.• Clerk/administrator evaluation: $4,000 cost with the NJPA paying half of that so Nisswa’s cost would be $2,000. The council accepted Laurie Hemish’s resignation effective Friday, March 2, and praised her service. 7, and he supported looking into the option of hiring a clerk/administrator.Council member John Ryan also liked that David Drown Associates would talk to and involve city staff as part of its proposal.Council member Don Jacobson said the council could explore the clerk/administrator option first and then decide whether it wanted or needed to look at the city administrator option. This evaluation could be completed by the end of March.• City administrator search process: $14,000 with the NJPA paying half of that so Nisswa’s cost would be $7,000. The Nisswa City Council on Wednesday, Feb. Council members liked the partnership David Drown Associates has with the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), and the resulting cost break that gives Nisswa because the city is an NJPA member.David Drown Associates’ proposal included the following cost breakdown:• Interim clerk: $60 per hour, with the NJPA paying half of that so Nisswa’s cost would be $30 per hour. A search for another clerk/treasurer would cost an estimated $10,000, with NJPA and the city splitting that cost as well. Other council members agreed.The council also received proposals and information from Springsted, the city’s financial adviser, and the League of Minnesota Cities. 15, agreed to hire an interim city clerk and awarded a contract to pursue filling the position.

Accident has Hwy. 371 closed north of Nisswa

Northbound traffic is being directed as indicated by the orange arrows. Recommended for youShooting after Florida nightclub’s teen party leaves two deadCrosslake man faces charges in assault on mother and daughterCrow Wing County Fair begins July 31 Recommended for youShooting after Florida nightclub’s teen party leaves two deadCrosslake man faces charges in assault on mother and daughterCrow Wing County Fair begins July 31Information via scaner reports are that the affected part of   Highway 371 may remain closed and the traffic reroutes   in affect   until early afternoon Thursday.We will update this report as more information becomes available. Photo submitted by Jamie Lee Anderson.2 / 2A traffic accident early Thursday morning has resulted in a portion of Highway 371 north of Nisswa being closed. BrainerdDispatch.com Illustration1 / 2The view of the accident scene near West Twin Lake observed by southbound Highway 371 commuters this morning. Traffic is being rerouted around East Twin Lake via Wilderness road, County Road 107 and Olson Road. Southbound traffic is following the route indicated by the green arrows.

Ticked: Nisswa woman learns to live with rare allergy

Diane and Greg Van Eeckhout pose for a photo with their daughter Rachel.
Contributed photo1 / 3Minto Porter2 / 3A male (right) and female lone star tick are shown.
Many people know of the dangers posed by Lyme disease, but many people are unaware of the dangers of an alpha-gal allergy, Van Eeckhout said. Instead of the instant reaction caused by most food allergies, alpha-gal allergic reactions are delayed, as symptoms don’t show up until two to six hours after ingestion, she said. Minto Porter, allergist at Essentia Health – St. But there’s no harm in testing for it and ruling it out, she said.The ground may still be covered with snow and ice, but spring will come soon and with it, the return of ticks. Her first appointment for treatment at the Mayo Clinic is in March.”I have Rachel and my husband and we have a wonderful life,” Van Eeckhout said. “Things that don’t make you look very cool but can protect you.” Most of these patients are local, though some are from the Bemidji, Duluth and Grand Rapids areas. People should be diligent when checking for ticks after they’ve been out in wooded areas and know the signs and symptoms associated with tick bites.”Using the sprays and tucking your pant legs in,” Van Eeckhout said. She first diagnosed it in Michigan about seven years ago, where it was much less frequent than in Minnesota.Typically, alpha-gal allergies are clustered in areas where the lone star tick resides, Porter said. Researchers also found patients were experiencing delayed reactions following red meat ingestion, she said.”Subsequent studies allowed them to identify common link between the three exposures,” Porter said.Alpha-gal allergy is different from typical food allergies because of the delayed allergic reaction associated with it, Porter said. People typically develop allergies by becoming allergic upon the first exposure then developing an allergic reaction after the second exposure.People studying this phenomenon found allergies clustered in areas where the lone star tick lives, Porter said. Dr. Alpha-gal allergy is different in that it’s not an infection, she said, and can’t be treated with antibiotics.Moving onNow, Van Eeckhout needs to avoid consuming or using meat products in order to avoid an allergic reaction.”It’s unbelieveable how many products have animal products in them,” Van Eeckhout said.The best way Van Eeckhout found to avoid animal products is to buy vegan products, including soaps, shampoos, conditioners and makeup. In addition, alpha-gal reactions don’t happen with every exposure to red meat, she said.”Some studies have suggested that the less a meat is processed or cooked, the higher the likelihood of reaction,” Porter said.Symptoms run the gamut from gastrointestinal issues to rashes to anaphylactic shock, Van Eeckhout said.”So you don’t want to really mess with that,” Van Eeckhout said.Most studies consistently report ingesting mammalian meat like beef, lamb and pork causes alpha-gal allergic reactions, Porter said. The blood test was sent to the lab at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and came back positive for the rare allergy. He also loves goose and duck hunting, so she can still enjoy the results of those hunts with him.”He’s teasing that he’s the only husband in the world that has to actually go fishing so I can eat,” Van Eeckhout said.Other people in Minnesota might be suffering from reactions caused by an alpha-gal allergy and don’t know what’s causing them, Van Eeckhout said, because the allergy is still rare. Her symptoms were vague and doctors weren’t sure what was wrong, so she initially was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.”In my gut, I just didn’t think that was it,” Van Eeckhout said.Because fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disease, Van Eeckhout decided to cut out gluten from her diet. Her husband has offered to buy her emu burgers, she said, so she can have a burger from time to time. Some case reports indicate cow’s milk and gelatin ingestion can also cause reactions, but those results are not consistent, she said.There’s not a lot of long-term studies on people who have lived with alpha-gal allergy for multiple years, Porter said, due to the fact the allergy was only identified about 25 years ago.Like with all food allergies, the only treatment for alpha-gal allergy is avoidance of what causes the allergy, Porter said.With Lyme disease, there’s acute symptoms and an infection that can be treated with antibiotics, Porter said. It was unusual because patients were reacting to the first infusion of a medication. Around this time, her husband Greg Van Eeckhout was driving to work and heard a story on Minnesota Public Radio about the lone star tick, which can trigger the alpha-gal allergy.”He heard the report and he said, ‘Wow, that really sounds like something you have,'” Van Eeckhout said.In the meantime, her allergy medications weren’t working, so her physician’s assistant in Crosslake agreed to test her for alpha-gal allergy, even though she hadn’t heard of it. If someone is bitten by a tick and starts experiencing similar symptoms, it might be worth it to test for an alpha-gal allergy, she said.”If the doctors and pharmacists haven’t heard of it, they’re not going to look for it,” Van Eeckhout said.People may think they have an alpha-gal allergy but don’t, Van Eeckhout said. Her symptoms were fine, Rachel was born and life went on.Van Eeckhout was bitten twice again this past summer and started developing symptoms like tiredness, aches and pains. Joseph’s Medical Center, said in the five years she’s been practicing in Brainerd, she’s diagnosed about 10-12 patients with alpha-gal allergy. It was initially discovered in patients who were having allergic reactions to a chemotherapy medication, she said. There’s not much to do for a tick bite when pregnant, she said, so they watched her symptoms and waited. Source Oklahoma State University3 / 3Brainerd lakes area residents like Diane Van Eeckhout of Nisswa are well aware of the dangers tick bites can bring.But Van Eeckhout’s post-bite symptoms persisted for months before she finally found out what was ailing her: an allergy to alpha-gal, a carbohydrate found in red meat and traditionally linked to a bite from the lone star tick. “And I just want to feel good in it.”BackgroundThe history behind the alpha-gal allergy is unusual, Porter said. She continued seeing a variety of doctors who prescribed a range of solutions, none of which seemed to work.”I just kept thinking, ‘This can’t be right,'” Van Eeckhout said.Van Eeckhout started getting more allergic reactions, starting with a rash behind her ear. However, allergies have started showing up in areas where the tick hasn’t established a significant population, like Minnesota.”At this point, it has not been found to be correlated with the local deer ticks that carry Lyme disease,” Porter said.National experts on alpha-gal allergy are working with allergists in Minnesota, including Porter, to determine the actual rate of alpha-gal allergy in Minnesota.Bad biteVan Eeckhout was first bitten in 2015 when she was pregnant with her daughter Rachel. Another doctor suggested a low-carbohydrate diet, so she ended up eating mostly meat, cheese and vegetables, which made her sicker. She suspected dairy was the culprit, so she cut it out of her diet, which didn’t work.

PR-B District Spelling Bee: Fifth-grader wins after 15 rounds

Judges were elementary principal Rick Aulie, high school principal Andy Forbort and superintendent Dave Endicott.Vondal-Parsons will go on to the Regional Lakes Bee on Thursday, March 2, at the National Joint Powers Alliance in Staples. She also won a year subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica and a gift card to Dairy Queen. Travis Grimler/Echo Journal
Before Kyana Vondal-Parsons even had a chance to celebrate the bee-winning word, classmate Piper Conklin-DeHoux behind her had already commenced.1 / 3Travis Grimler/Echo Journal
Before Kyana Vondal-Parsons even had a chance to celebrate the bee-winning word, classmate Piper Conklin-DeHoux behind her had already commenced.2 / 3Travis Grimler/Echo Journal
Emily Hanneken realized almost immediately when she misspelled her last word at the Pine River-Backus District Spelling Bee.3 / 3It took Pine River-Backus School District spelling bee champion Kyana Vondal-Parsons, a fifth-grader, two tries to claim victory during the Thursday, Feb. Holtti spelled “engineering” flawlessly, and Vondal-Parsons had no trouble with “feckless.” Holtti stumbled on “compatriots” in round 12, but she returned after Vondal-Parsons misspelled “indifference.”In round 14, Holtti stumbled again on “epithets,” and Vondal-Parsons moved on to round 15, the championship round, where she spelled “implacable” impeccably, winning her the title.In the beginning, 12 contestants were eliminated almost one per round on words like “perilous,” “algae” and “caterpillar.”Other contestants included:• Fifth-graders Piper Conklin-DeHoux, Camryn Good and alternate Brianna Hanneken.• Sixth-graders Miquella Williams, Cecelia Norman and alternate Logan Swenson.• Seventh-graders Tiara Crannell, Emily Hanneken, Randall Yost and alternate Jake Mills.• Eighth-graders Hailey Mowell, Rylie Hirschey, Andrew Hoplin and alternate Ayden Egberts.During this bee, clinician Joan Hardie served as pronouncer for her final year. The bee was down to Vondal-Parsons and sixth-grader Emily Holtti starting in round 10. 9, competition.

PL District Spelling Bee: Fifth-grader takes home first prize

10, where he took second place.3 / 3The third round of the Pequot Lakes District Spelling Bee took out all five final participants, leading to five more rounds to crown fifth-grader Ryan Fritz as the winner and eighth-grader Logan Haberman as the runner-up. 10.1 / 3Theresa Bourke/Echo Journal
Fifth-grader Ryan Fritz celebrates his victory with his mom, Julie, after winning the Pequot Lakes District Spelling Bee Friday, Feb. Theresa Bourke/Echo Journal
Pequot Lakes students crowd around Ryan Fritz, asking for his autograph after Fritz won the regional spelling bee Friday, Feb. Tabitha Kibwaa joined them by beating out the other sixth-graders, but seventh-graders Lola Eastwood and Annika Schlagel battled fiercely for their class.After seven back-and-forth rounds, Schlagel shocked everyone by correctly spelling “prestidigitation” to win the seventh-grade title.Other contestants were: fifth-graders Kelsi Martini and Maeve Rohr; sixth-graders Erin Kempka, Lucas Taylor and Quinn Trottier; and eighth-graders Bryce Fabian, Abigail Gross and Cole Trottier. 10.2 / 3Theresa Bourke/Echo Journal
Eighth-grader Logan Haberman writes out a word before spelling it during the Pequot Lakes District Spelling Bee, Friday, Feb. Haberman correctly spelled “victrola” at the end of round three but tripped over “austenite,” which brought the final five back up to battle for the win.Contestants mastered all fourth-round words, two of which were the crowd-pleasers “emoji” and “higgledy-piggledy,” correctly spelled by fifth-grader Christiana Schroeder and eighth-grader Nathan Rankin, respectively.Schroeder fell in the next round to “dermatology,” and “woebegone” took out seventh-grader Julia Stahnke.Rankin missed “populace” in round six, leaving just Fritz and Haberman to vie for first place.”Exponentially” and “quarantine” gave Fritz no trouble, while Haberman conquered “stereotype” but fell to “armoire.”The correct spelling of “coniferous” sealed the victory for Fritz, who won a $75 Amazon book voucher and will move on to the Regional Lakes Bee on Thursday, March 2, at the National Joint Powers Alliance in Staples. Haberman took home a $50 voucher and will move on as well.The grade-level contest added another $25 Amazon book voucher to Fritz and Haberman’s prizes, as they won in their respective classes.

Card games: Feb. 16, 2017

9Whitefish Golf Course, 12:30 p.m.Bruce Eastman and Guy Emmons, 26; Bruce Peck and Joe Heal, 25.5; Jim Thompson and Lane Weber, 25; and Dick and Doreen Jordan, 23.5.Friday, Feb. 10Crosslake Community Center, 1 p.m.Bruce Peck, 7600; Guy Emmons, 5410; Dick Dietz, 5310.Anyone interested in joining any of the bridge games can contact Jim Thompson at 218-543-4688. 500Pine River American Legion1 p.m. TuesdaysTuesday, Feb. Les Dupont won the door prize.Bridge scoresMonday, Feb. 6Jenkins VFW, 11 a.m.Bruce Peck, 8190; Jim Thompson, 6510; Peter Graves, 4800.Tuesday, Feb. Anyone interested in joining the bridge game at the Crosslake Community Center can call the center at 218-692-4271. 8Maucieri’s, 11 a.m.No scores.Thursday, Feb. 7Bill Ellis, 3180; Carol Furnstahl, 2800; Leonard Blasing, 2770. 7Whitefish Golf Course, 12:30 p.m.Jim Thompson and Scott Krupke, 28; Ginny Hersey and Carolyn Thompson, and Ardie Hjerpe and Mary Kay Kendall, both 27.5; and Al and Rose Ann Stans, 24.Wednesday, Feb.

Pages from the Past-Feb. 16, 2017

19 of this year.25 years ago, Feb. building shaken by Saturday eve explosionShortly after 6:30 p.m. 20, 1992(Headline) Liquor store fate pendingThe days of a city-owned liquor store in Backus may be numbered.(Advertisement) While at Papa Dad’s register to win a free dinner for 4.10 years ago, Feb. 50 years ago, Feb. 15, 1957(Headline) Staimbrook Implement Co. 17, 1967(Headline) Officer Sorenson solves January church robbery hereQuiet sleuthing by Pine River Officer Sorenson led to the solving of a church robbery which occurred here on Jan. 15, 2007(Headline) Cass to advocate for extension service(Photo) Lotsa Stuff store opens- Compiled by Travis Grimler, Staff Writer 60 years ago, Feb. Saturday evening, people uptown heard a definite explosion and felt a considerable jar.

Calendar of Events: Feb. 16, 2017

Pequot Lakes High School Auditorium, Greater Lakes Area Performing Arts FEBRUARY17 Illusion Theater presents “Thurgood,” 2 and 7:30 p.m., Chalberg Theatre, Central Lakes College, Brainerd18 Nisswa Winter Jubilee: Events all day

19 Nisswa Winter Jubilee Ice Fishing Derby, noon-2 p.m., Nisswa Lake23 Tasting fundraising event for Kids Against Hunger, 6-8 p.m., Pickle Factory, Nisswa24 Men and Boys Wild Game Feed, 5 p.m., Trailside Center, Pequot Lakes Baptist Church24 Bill Staines in Grassroots Concert, 7:30 p.m., Live Well Night Club and Coffee Bar at the Journey Church, Nisswa24 Gull Lake Frozen Fore: Frozen Flop, Hole-in-the-Day Bay, Gull Lake25 Gull Lake Frozen Fore: Golf and pub crawl25 Timber Bay spaghetti feed fundraiser, 4-7 p.m., Pine River American Legion25 Comic juggler Alex Clark, 7:30 p.m.

Life’s a beach at Nisswa Elementary School

10, as the school celebrated Beach Day.Students were presented with leis as they walked into school and participated in beach-themed activities in the halls and gymnasium as the music of the Beach Boys played. Dan Determan/Echo Journal
Izzy Smith (left) and Savannah Lentz walk laps around the Nisswa Elementary School gym Friday, Feb. 10.3 / 3Nisswa Elementary School students donned their shorts and shades Friday, Feb. 10, in their beach attire.1 / 3Dan Determan/Echo Journal
Drew Herkenhoff (left), Randyn Miller and Noah Smith try out some hallway water skiing at Nisswa Elementary School's Beach Day Friday, Feb. They were also given the opportunity to sit on their beach towels in class. 10.2 / 3Dan Determan/Echo Journal
Jude Kronstedt shows off his beach apparel at Nisswa Elementary School's Beach Day Friday, Feb.

Youth Lightning take second

Second row, from left: Jonathan Maroney, Sutton Sullivan, Sam Coughlin, Deacon French and Amari Haffner. The Lightning finished in second place in the Diamond division at the Squirt C International Tournament in Fargo. Third row: Weston Hiles, Aiden Haff, Quinn Bray, Aidan Bendson and Connor Windorski. Front row: Gavin Lacy. Back row: Coaches Brendan Hiles, Cooper Hiles, Tim Coughlin, Kevin Peterson and Jesse Sullivan.

Road Crew hold off Gobblers 39-30 – Team finishes regular season 13-11 overall

“We set a goal a few weeks ago to get 15 dual victories, and we’re now sitting at 14-10. “I see Detroit Lakes being the No. Senior leaders Devyn Richards and Justin Neumann then followed with wins to clinch the dual.”Gravdahl, who now has 19 pins, shares the team lead for victories going into the section tournament. Gravdahl is 23-10 while teammate Connor Tulenchik is 23-6. But the Road Crew rallied with three wins in the next four matches as Jake Poehler (138 pounds), Peter Koering (145) and Evan Gravdahl (160) all triumphed.The Road Crew’s Devyn Richards won a close 6-5 match at 182 and Justin Neumann pinned his opponent in 1:23 at 195 to cut the deficit to 30-27. Other top records include: Poehler 19-13, Addisuone Harrington 19-14, Tucker Cain 17-10, Richards 16-17, Isaac Manthei 15-8, Cody France 15-12, Riley Wilson 12-9, Neumann 11-6 and Tim Ryan 10-9.”We have been putting a lot of different wrestlers on the mat, but we also moved our experienced guys around to get some key victories,” Hoffarth said. 6, the Road Crew used seven pins and two major decisions in cruising past United North Central in a non-conference dual meet.PL/PRB 52, UNC 26106: Evan Koering (PL/PRB) maj. “We have had a nice run at the end of the year,” said Road Crew coach, whose squad is 14-10 overall after defeating the Aitkin Gobblers 39-30 on Thursday, Feb. Richards 17-5182: Cody France (PL/PRB) pinned Mason Bradley 2:22195: Neumann (PL/PRB) by forfeit220: Urseth (PL/PRB) pinned Brock Kako 3:22285: Jared Seibert (UNC) pinned Reynolds 1:07 We knew they were going to build a lead in the lower weights, and we would make a move starting at 138. 2 seed for the section, followed by Bemidji, Thief River Falls and Ottertail Central. 18, in Thief River Falls. “Confidence is the main thing and right now we have a lot of guys becoming more confident at the right time in the season.”Hoffarth added that his squad is close to reaching its team goal.”With our injuries early in the season our goals needed to change,” the coach said. dec. “The kids wrestled well against Aitkin. Isaac Manthei 13-0145: Gravdahl (PL/PRB) pinned Garett Butler 1:04152: Peter Koering (PL/PRB) pinned Dakotah Meech 3:50160: Ryan (PL/PRB) pinned Blake Schoon 0:16170: Toby Hintzman (UNC) maj. We will probably be seeded seventh.”PLPRB 39, Aitkin 30106: Carson Kullhem (A) dec Evan Koering 7-3113: Addisuone Harrington (PLPRB) pinned Tyler Decent 1:42120: Jack Gravelle (A) pinned Austin Staricha 1:14126: Silas Berg (A) pinned Zach Stevenson :52132: Luke Pelarski (A) pinned Zack Tulenchick 3:34138: Jake Poehler (PLPRB) dec Carter Endrizzi 11-6145: Peter Koering (PLPRB) dec Dylan Quade 6-0152: Quin Miller (A) dec Tim Ryan 3-1160: Evan Gravdahl (PLPRB) pinned Mitchell Stevenson 3:55170: Kenny Hesse (A) pinned Keanan Dahl :55182: Devyn Richards (PLPRB) dec Cedric Farnsworth 6-5195: Justin Neumann (PLPRB) pinned Steven Whitney 1:23220: John Urseth (PLPRB) wins by Forfeit285: Myca Reynolds (PLPRB) wins by ForfeitRoad Crew 52, UNC 26On Tuesday, Feb. So our first-round match at team sections will be big for our kids. dec. Dylan Rassmussen 8-0113: Isaac Tellers (UNC) pinned Austin Staricha 1:27120: Harrington (PL/PRB) pinned Ethan Trout 1:36126: Eion Ness (UNC) pinned Zack Stevenson 2:13132: Poehler (PL/PRB) pinned Tyler Thomas 3:01138: Austin Bacon (UNC) maj. 9. The Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus wrestling team is hoping to benefit from the momentum of a five-match win streak heading into the Section 8AA team tournament on Saturday, Feb. dec. I am really proud to see how these kids have battled all year.”The Road Crew are scheduled to compete at the Section 8AA team tournament on Friday, Feb. The Road Crew clinched the win with forfeit victories in the final two matches as the Gobblers suffered their sixth-straight loss.”Peter Koering picked up a nice victory to keep the momentum that Jake Poehler got started,” Hoffarth said. “Tim Ryan fell in a tough battle (at 152) but Evan Gravdahl followed with a really big pin for us. 17-18.”Perham is really wrestling well and looks to be on a mission this season,” Hoffarth said. We got the match ups we were looking for and were able to take advantage.”The Road Crew trailed 21-6 after losing four of the first five matches.

JV patriots win 2 of 3

Ackerman netted 12 points to lead the scoring with Seidl chipping in 10 points and Sean Ryan and Zach Senst each scoring eight points. Dylin Ackerman netted 13 points while Aaron Washburn and Owen Seidl each added 10 points.The Patriots then fell to the host Duluth Denfeld squad by the score of 68-65 on Friday, Feb. 7, and defeated the host Tigers by the score of 63-31. 10. The Patriots traveled to Pine River Tuesday, Feb. 6, and the Patriots dealt them a 54-45 loss. Ten Patriots broke into the scoring column with Tyler Manley leading the scoring with 14, Austin Meister adding 10, and Jordan Schommer scoring eight points. The Patriots led start to finish and played an excellent first half on both ends of the court leading 38-17 at half and coasting to the win in the second half. The Pequot Lakes JV boys basketball team raised their overall record to 18-2 with two wins and a tough loss this past week.The Hibbing BlueJackets came to town Monday, Feb. The Patriots trailed early by the score of 14-5 before turning up the defense pressure to force numerous turnovers which they converted into scores. The game saw many lead changes and was well-played by both teams.

Fergus Falls inmate who escaped Tuesday still on the loose

— The Fergus Falls Police Department and the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office are   still   looking for an inmate who left his work crew on Tuesday afternoon. James Fitzpatrick HelpsFERGUS FALLS, Minn. Recommended for youStowaway bear cub boards boat in MinnesotaPolice Blotter-Aug. Recommended for youStowaway bear cub boards boat in MinnesotaPolice Blotter-Aug. 11, 2016Police Blotter: July 29, 2016 11, 2016Police Blotter: July 29, 2016He was still missing on Wednesday afternoon, the sheriff’s department said.At about 12:14 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, inmate James Fitzpatrick Helps was on a Sentence to Serve crew when he slipped away unseen and was noticed missing about a minute later.The crew leader checked the immediate area, according to a news release from the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office, and then called the Fergus Falls Police Department.A check of the area did not find Helps.Helps is not considered a danger to the community.Anyone with information on his location is urged to contact the Fergus Falls Police Department or the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office.

3 Minnesota counties foot bill to fight state auditor lawsuit

“It is fair to spread it statewide.”Rep. Paul saying “we are going in circles” and Rep. However, Marquart said, more than 3,000 other local governments have an option of hiring outside auditors.Becker County paid more than $87,000 for the auditor’s office to check its books in a recent year, while a private Thief River Falls firm did it for less than $33,000. for all 87 counties,” Marquart said. 15, but so far a lawsuit by State Auditor Rebecca Otto has cost Becker $41,990.56 with only two other counties also funding the battle.”It is very hard for counties of our size to continue on with litigation with the state,” Nelson said. “It is a bigger issue than just our county,” Commissioner Barry Nelson told a state House committee Wednesday, Feb. Liz Olson of Duluth asking Otto to give some success stories.Otto, who refused to say how she picked the three counties to sue, said she went to court to defend what she sees as a fundamental part of her job: auditing local government finances. County officials say private firms do as good a job as Otto’s office.More than 40 counties have hired private audit firms after the 2015 law was signed. “It is not Minnesotan.”Nelson testified in support of a bill by Rep. Democrats on the panel did not come to her aid, other than Rep. PAUL — It is not fair that three counties are funding a fight to allow all 87 Minnesota counties to save money, a Becker County commissioner says. Ramsey has spent more than $20,000, but officials in that Democrat-heavy county are not coordinating efforts with the other two.”it is basically these three counties defending a state law … Steve Green, R-Fosston, who represents part of Becker County, said said much county land is owned by governments, so property taxes used to pay the lawsuit costs are spread among relatively few private landowners.Otto said she supports the state paying the counties to fight her lawsuit, but strongly argued against a proposal to take the money out of her budget.The discussion came during a committee meeting headed by Rep. However, Otto sued, saying that under the state Constitution only the state auditor can decide who audits county books.In September, Otto lost in district court, but she appealed to the state Appeals Court and, regardless of the outcome there, the case could advance to the state Supreme Court.Nelson said Becker County has reserve funds to cover the court cost so far.”We have overwhelming support to fight for our rights to have a private audit done,” Nelson told lawmakers.Marquart’s bill or other one that also would reimburse Ramsey County for its expenses could become part of a larger bill dealing with state government finances.Wright and Becker are working together to defend the suit by Otto, who is running for governor in the 2018 election. Sheldon Johnson of St. She repeatedly told committee members that the money came from “salary savings,” such as when an employee leaves a job.”What didn’t get done?” Anderson asked Otto about money her office was appropriated for employees but use don the suit instead.”They have got everything done,” Otto said about her workers.She added: “We have had to scrimp and save.”The auditor, in office more than a decade, said she is fiscally conservative and has tried to save the office money whenever possible.Republicans grilled Otto with stinging questions for more than 90 minutes. Each has spent more than $40,000. State Auditor Rebecca OttoST. Sarah Anderson, R-Plymouth, that featured repeated heated exchanges between Otto and Republicans.Otto’s office had paid more than $250,000 for the lawsuit so far. Paul Marquart, D-Dilworth, to provide state money to Becker and Wright counties to fight the Otto suit.Democrat Otto sued Becker, Wright and Ramsey counties for using private auditors to check their financial records under a Republican-written 2015 law that allows counties to hire private firms instead of using her office.

Minnesota Mr. Basketball chairman steps down over anti-Muslim tweets

Basketball account, @MrBasketballMN, Lien quoted a tweet regarding Muslim high school students in New Jersey with the comment “Run their asses outta there!”From the same account, he tweeted “Absolutely we should!” in response to a tweet asking whether Americans should be afraid of Muslim women and children refugees.In his letter, Lien wrote, “As a figure who has tried always to shed a positive light on high school basketball in our state, and as a citizen of this great country, my actions were inexcusable. Basketball committee effective immediately, and have not and will not be involved in this season’s voting.”I made this action known to my committee members on Monday. As a figure who has tried always to shed a positive light on high school basketball in our state, and as a citizen of this great country, my actions were inexcusable.”I humbly and sincerely apologize for my insensitivity and to those I have offended.”Having owned the rights to the non-profit, all-volunteer Mr. Basketball Award, which has traditionally been awarded to the state’s top high school senior, has resigned in the wake of anti-Muslim tweets that set off a firestorm of criticism over the weekend. There are nights where a player has a hard time making a bucket, encounters foul problems or is playing through an injury. “Going forward,” he wrote “Henry Sibley Boys Basketball will be no longer acknowledging your Mr. Basketball Award from being abandoned. We put in this effort because being named ‘Mr. One ridiculed Mother’s Day cards made for families with absent fathers.”Too funny…….But true!” Lien tweeted.On Friday, Henry Sibley coach John Carrier called Lien out on Twitter, posting a long, personal message that seemed to kick-start the creation of the McDonald Award. I humbly and sincerely apologize for my insensitivity and to those I have offended.”The Minnesota Mr. Basketball of Minnesota program for 40 years, it truly has been a labor of love and pride for the committee and myself.”We do not just look at stats in the morning paper or on any number of online outlets. That’s the very reason the committee and I made every effort to see the candidates several times during a season.”I mention this because it’s important for you to know the diligence and effort the committee puts forth. Basketball” and explained the McDonald Award as one that “will be widely recognized as the top award that a senior high school basketball player in Minnesota can receive.”That works for McKenzie, who wants the MBCA to disassociate itself from the Mr. “(His resignation) doesn’t change anything for me.”Here is the full text of Lien’s resignation letter:”IN THE LAST SEVERAL DAYS, there have been a number of reports about my ill-advised posts on social media. Basketball Twitter account to tweet about high school basketball but also has used it for personal tweets about other topics, including politics. Basketball Award.”That’ll be something that I will definitely be pushing the coaches association to do,” he said. Basketball committee. There will be a new head and spokesperson of the committee, including for this season’s 43rd annual award.”I encourage all devoted basketball fans to place your trust in the Mr. The account has been taken down, but some Twitter users made screen grabs of previous tweets. Basketball Program as an award speaking for Minnesota.”Khalid El-Amin, a Minneapolis North graduate who won the award in 1997 before winning an NCAA championship at Connecticut, called for Lien to step down and supported the creation of a new award in a Facebook post.”As an African American and a Muslim I am highly offended with these racist comments, and the fact that this isn’t the first time,” El-Amin wrote.The Minnesota Basketball Coaches Association said in a statement that it thanked Lien for his “leadership and commitment to Mr. A safe estimate is we attend a minimum of 340 games annually.”We do that in fairness to the players. It was, and never has been, my intent to hurt anybody’s feelings.”In the best interest of the award, past and future recipients and all those who represent high school basketball, I have removed myself from the Mr. I would want to know, I don’t even know who’s on the committee,” he said. These gentlemen are a committed group and will continue to work diligently to crown Minnesota’s best high school senior.”Thank you for your understanding and I ask for your forgiveness.”~ KEN LIEN “I would like to know the position of those people that are the committee and what’s their feelings about what has already taken place?”Lien mostly used the Mr. PAUL—The chairman and owner of the Minnesota Mr. Asked if it changes anything for him, Minneapolis North coach Larry McKenzie said, “Not at all.”Lien, McKenzie noted, still owns the award.”So, what does that mean? Basketball Award was established in 1975.In a rapid response to Lien’s comments, the Minnesota Basketball Coaches Association created a new award for the state’s top senior and named it the McDonald Award for legendary Chisholm basketball coach Bob McDonald, who coached for 59 years and amassed a state-record 1,012 victories.It’s unclear whether Lien’s resignation will save the Minnesota Mr. ST. Ken Lien made the announcement in an open letter he sent to the Pioneer Press on Wednesday afternoon.”I humbly and sincerely apologize for my insensitivity and to those I have offended,” Lien said in his letter.In a tweet sent by the Mr. I recognize this and I am truly apologetic. Basketball’ is the most prestigious high school boys basketball award in the state.”My poor decision-making has caused hurt feelings and a great deal of anger.