Chef Jess: Sweets for your sweet

1 / 4The marshmallow is turned out onto a cutting board and cut into strips. (Photo by Jessica Karley Rerick)
3 / 4Gelatin is softened in a metal bowl of a stand mixer. (Photo by Jessica Karley Rerick)
2 / 4For decoration, the marshmallow pieces are dipped in water and then in sugar crystals. (Photo by Jessica Karley Rerick)
The marshmallow is then trimmed into bite sized pieces. (Photo by Jessica Karley Rerick)
4 / 4Are you looking to make something sweet for your sweet this Valentine’s Day?How about homemade marshmallows?It had been years since I made them, but just last week, I decided to give it a try again. If you set your timer to 9 minutes and keep the sugar at a gentle boil, you should get to the recommended 240 degrees needed to correctly cook the sugar.• Use a small mesh sleeve for dusting powdered sugar onto both your cutting board and the tops of the marshmallows before you cut them.• Although too much water can destroy your marshmallows, a small amount can be very helpful if used correctly. When the temperature is reached, remove the pan from the heat.Turn mixer with whip attachment to low speed (about 1 or 2 speed) and very slowly start streaming in the hot sugar mixture. Almond and peppermint extracts can be particularly strong, so I would recommend cutting down the amount you use of those flavors. First, I was shocked at how easy they were to make; I remembered the process being more involved. Meanwhile, place ½ cup water, sugar, corn syrup and salt in a small sauce pan on the stove over medium low heat. Set aside.Place ¾ cup water and gelatin in the metal bowl of your stand mixer and let gelatin soften for 15 minutes. I repeat: Unless you have arms of steel, you will need a stand mixer for these marshmallows. You also can roll your finished marshmallows in colored sanding sugars, edible glitter or sanding sugars. You can add any flavoring you’d like, but be cautious when using different flavor extracts. As you are cutting the marshmallows into strips and cubes, roll them in the dusting powder to make sure all sides are coated.Store in a gallon size resealable plastic bag with ¼ cup of dusting powder.Makes 60 marshmallowsMarshmallow Dusting Powder¾ cup powdered sugar¼ cup cornstarchDirections:Combine in a bowl and whisk together until well blended. Using a long, thin, sharp knife, wet the blade and cut into 1 inch wide strips. (You do not want the hot sugar to catch the whip because it could splatter.) When finished adding all of the sugar into the bowl, increase the speed of the mixer to high and let it whip for 10-15 minutes or until mixture has increased in volume and is white, very thick and only slightly warm.Pour the marshmallow mixture into the prepared 9×13 pan. Place candy thermometer on the side of the pan and let boil until temperature reaches 240 degrees. Secondly, my kids now think I am a culinary genius. Running your fingers under water also will make it easier for you to smooth the marshmallows out in the pan to prepare them for drying.• Be creative. Be careful to pour the mixture as close to the edge of bowl as possible. Invert marshmallow pan onto the powder covered cutting board and dust the top of the marshmallow with ¼ cup of dusting powder. They are easy to make, but you could spend hours looking at various recipes. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Increase the heat to medium-high and bring to a boil. It wasn’t the many cassoulets, steaks, pancakes, soups or sauces that helped them decide. Let the pan stand uncovered for 6 to 8 hours.Dust a cutting board with ½ cup of Marshmallow Dusting Powder (recipe below). Occasionally brush the sides of the pan with water while the mixture is boiling. Cut each strip into cubes. Wet your fingertips with water, gently rub them over the top of the marshmallow mixture, and press it into an even layer in the pan. You will want one with a 4.5 quart or larger bowl on it, and you should use the whisk attachment to incorporate air into your marshmallows.• Using a candy thermometer is the easiest way to correctly cook marshmallows, but you don’t need to have one to make good candies. To get the sugars to stick, dip the part of the marshmallow you would like to coat in water and then roll it into the sugar.Basic Vanilla Marshmallow RecipeNon-stick pan spray1.25 cups cold water, divided3 tablespoons unflavored gelatin⅔ cup light corn syrup2 cups granulated sugar½ teaspoon salt1 tablespoon vanilla extractDirections:Line 9×13 metal pan with parchment paper and spray with non-stick pan spray. It was, instead, little white pillowy marshmallows. Sugar dissolves in water, so running a knife under water before slicing your marshmallows eases the process. Two great things happened. To make the search easier, here’s my marshmallow recipe with a few tips I learned along the way.• You will need a stand mixer.

Eating grass helps cat naturally relieve issues

Fox’s website at What do you recommend?—L.T., Fargo, N.D.Dear L.T.: I strongly urge that people keep two cats rather than just one cat, who is likely to be alone in the home all day, becoming bored, depressed, obese, anxious and stressed by becoming hypervigilant in the empty place.Ideally, adopt kitten littermates. Otherwise, adopt one young cat and then introduce the second following the steps posted on my website article “Introducing a New Cat” (in your case, a second cat).I urge all people with just one cat to consider doing this. Such “marking over,” as I call it, is a way of giving a signal to other dogs that “we are together.” Some degree of anxiety or insecurity may be an additional motivating factor.If making your bedroom inaccessible to the dog during the day or laying down a sheet of plastic to try to break the habit does not work, discuss with your veterinarian, after ruling out any question of cystitis and chronic kidney disease, about prescribing a short course of treatment with Prozac.But first, I would try the natural supplement called @-Eaze, which can help take the edge off an anxiety condition with elements of compulsive behavior and help calm your dog. A few pots of sprouting wheatgrass for indoor cats can be a daily delight.Like dogs and other animals, cats will eat grass and various herbs when they feel the urge, which may be stomach or intestinal irritation from a hairball or parasites, or nausea from chronic liver, kidney or other health issues. For details, visit, and keep me posted on your results.Send all mail to or to Dr. Socially bonded cats care for each other, grooming and playing and being generally more active and healthier than those who live just with people.Dear Dr. We take him out often and reward him for good behavior. Sometime he gives a signal that he wants to go out, but most of the time he sneaks into the carpeted bedroom and does his thing.We won’t give up on this little guy; however, we would like to solve this problem.—B.P., West Palm Beach, Fla.Dear B.P.: This is a place-fixation habit that is not easy to break. Fox: We lost our beloved 17-year-old cat just before Thanksgiving. The volume of mail received prohibits personal replies, but questions and comments of general interest will be discussed in future columns. He is a joy to have — well behaved, friendly, and we love him. Visit Dr. Michael Fox in care of Universal Uclick, 1130 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64106. As for manufactured cat foods and treats that are supposed to help rid the cat of hairballs in the stomach, I would go for the grass instead.For some cats, a teaspoon of fresh catnip or catmint herb will evoke vomiting. Now that the holidays are over, we are thinking of adding to the family again.We are a family of four with two children ages 3 and 9. Do you have any advice on this?—S.N., Washington, D.C.Dear S.N.: Your cat is displaying her biological wisdom, consuming a small amount of “cat tonic” grass, and I wish that more cats had such opportunity. The cat that passed away was an “only child” from the time she came home, but we have read that two kittens can adapt better than one. She always ate some grass, but seems to do so constantly now. For cats with a hairball problem, this can be a good weekly purging if the sprouted grass does not trigger emesis (vomiting).Dear Dr. Fox: We have a situation that you have probably seen before, but we haven’t.We adopted a 7-year-old poodle from an animal shelter about a year ago. A hairball shows up every third day or so. She eats it for about 15 minutes every day when I take her out in our enclosed backyard. I have also seen puppies and kittens engaging in observational learning, trying out eating grass after seeing their mothers or an older animal munching away.This behavior calls for caution: cats nibbling on lilies and other potentially harmful plants put themselves at risk, possibly because they want to eat something green like grass, which is safe. We have worked with him on housebreaking and have found out he was in the shelter because he wouldn’t potty-train for his former owners.When we are gone, and even when we are home, he goes into the carpeted bedroom and urinates. Your dog may be choosing the bedroom carpet to mark as a way of affirming his bond with you, just as a dog will often urinate over the urine mark of a buddy dog. Michael FoxDear Dr. Fox: My 12-year-old cat eats grass, I mean like a sheep eats grass! I’ve tried hairball products, but she hates them so much that she spits them out or vomits them up almost immediately. Such behavior may be innate and reinforced by the animal feeling better after consuming the selected plant. They will already be bonded. Dr.

After 10 years of trying to be parents, MN couple finds peace of mind through surrogacy

I thought, ‘If I can help, I will.'”At first the Elliotts were hesitant, but as Johnson insisted she really was OK with being their surrogate, they agreed. The pregnancy went well, but Johnson went into labor two months early, and was airlifted to St. Cloud as a precaution.Through her whole pregnancy, Johnson says she never struggled with knowing she would have to part with the baby.”I think it’s a mindset,” she said. Beth Leipholtz / Forum News Service1 / 2Amber Johnson of Miltona (left) was a surrogate for Rachel (center) and Russ (right) Elliott, and gave birth to baby Remie on Dec. “In between, I’d have to drive to Fargo once a week to have the blood tests, and see when my body was ready for the implant. “I can say ‘thank you’ a hundred million times and it’s still not enough.”But for Johnson, simply knowing how thankful the Elliotts are is enough.”They are the most deserving people and they are going to be such great parents for her,” she said. We said, ‘All you can do is love him and everyone has to start somewhere.'”After that, the Elliotts remained in the adoption system, but the situation had taken a toll on them.Six months later, a different opportunity presented itself.Turning to surrogacySurrogacy — allowing someone else to carry their child — was something that had crossed the Elliotts’ minds, but never too seriously. Then, a family friend offered to be their surrogate. “It’s the most amazing feeling in the entire world. Cloud Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.In early January, the Elliotts brought their baby girl home. Then, in August 2014, they received the call they’d been waiting for. 11, 2016. “We talked to a doctor, who said, ‘Well, give it a year.’ A year goes past and everybody starts getting checked out. Amber Johnson of Miltona had considered being a surrogate before, and felt that the chance to help the Elliotts was what she’d been waiting for.”I just couldn’t even imagine what they’d went through and they’re just the sweetest people,” Johnson said. That was when things took a turn for the worse.”Four days into it she got a form from a lawyer saying he’s not going to give up his parental rights,” Russ said.The Elliotts and the baby’s birth mother did what they could in terms of fighting for the Elliotts to keep the baby, but in the end, the father had parental rights. When none of those worked, a family friend offered to serve as a surrogate for the couple. Her first cry, everybody lost it.”Due to being early, Remie had to spend 23 days in the St. On Dec. You think, ‘I’m not going to do that,’ but as years go by you’re like, ‘OK, I’m comfortable with that now.'”Rachel was put on a medication to help with producing eggs and 22 eggs were taken from her body. You bury yourself in what you can (after that).”Russ and Rachel say they’ve never resented the birth mother for the situation, and know that it was beyond her control as well.”It was just as much a shock for her as it was for us,” Rachel said. They brought him home shortly after he was born.”We were there when he was born, we took him home, we named him,” Russ said.Though the father did not wish to be involved, Russ and Rachel asked the mother to contact him about his medical history so they would have more information about their son. They were told that a woman, eight months pregnant, was having a little boy. 11, which they say was emotional.”There’s not words for it,” Rachel said. That’s the nice thing about the journey that we had, I think we learned a lot about how we should teach her.”The Elliotts say the gift Johnson gave them is one for which they’ll never feel like they can repay her.”There’s really no way to thank somebody for that,” Rachel said. In December, Remie was born two months early and stayed 23 days at the neonatal intensive care unit in St. Unfortunately, that just didn’t work.”A shot at adoptionAfter their attempt at in vitro, the couple waited another year before pursuing a different route in 2011: adoption.Since they wanted to adopt an infant from the U.S., Russ and Rachel were told the process could take about two and a half years.The couple spent about one year completing the necessary paperwork and taking classes on adoption. Beth Leipholtz / Forum News Service2 / 2Rachel Elliott sits next to her husband, Russ, on the couch in their Evansville home. The Elliotts say they plan to always be honest with Remie about who Johnson is.”We told Amber that she (Remie) needs to know her,” Russ said. Of those 22, only seven were viable and were fertilized during three different rounds of in vitro.”The chances got slimmer and slimmer,” Rachel said. “They deserve to be parents. “It was probably one of the hardest things we’ve ever done in our entire lives. “If you’re going into it, you know what the outcome is going to be.”Russ and Rachel were present for Remie’s birth on Dec. Cloud before coming home in January. “They say when (children are) old enough to start asking questions, you should tell them. Toward the week of implantation, it was every three days. Russ holds their 1-month-old daughter Remie, dressed in a pink onesie, as Rachel looks on with a combination of love, awe and a little bewilderment. I think the biggest thing for us and even Amber was that she (Remie) would cry. In the next few months, they figured out the legal details and went through the necessary education and appointments.Johnson is a single mother, so she made sure to talk to her 8-year-old son, Wyatt, about what being a surrogate meant.”We just kind of talked about having a baby, but the baby is going to live with someone else,” Johnson said. After Rachel (right) and Russ Elliott spent years trying to have a child, Amber Johnson (left), a family friend, volunteered to be their surrogate. 11, the Elliotts’ daughter was born.Attempting in vitroAfter getting married in 2007, Russ and Rachel decided they would try to have children, but were eventually told their chances of conceiving naturally were “slim to none.””All of a sudden it was like, ‘Oh, things aren’t really working out,'” Russ recalled. In the time since, Johnson and her son have visited. “She’s like, ‘What do I do?’ She apologized up and down. “I think in this journey, your opinion of having a child opens up a lot more. In vitro fertilization is a procedure where an egg is fertilized by sperm outside of the body and then implanted in the woman’s uterus.”At that time, our mind was really narrow about this,” Russ said. Both of us were not really able to have kids.”After giving it some thought, the couple decided to try in vitro fertilization in 2009. Russ and Rachel had the baby boy for six weeks before being forced by the law to part with him.”We knew he was going to have to go,” Rachel said. “He was OK with it.”In May 2016, after the third and final try, Johnson found out she was pregnant. She would be placing him for adoption and would like to meet with them.After meeting them, she chose Russ and Rachel to adopt her son. Simple moments like this one were a long time in the making for the Elliotts, who spent nearly 10 years trying to have a child.Along the way, the couple went through natural family planning, in vitro fertilization and adoption. …

World of Wine: Your valentine will love a gift of wine and chocolate

Whether the chocolate is white, milk, or dark, be sure the credentials of origin are impeccable, and the manufacturer is of high standard.To keep it simple, match color with color. Don’t pass up the opportunity.Ron Smith, a retired NDSU Extension horticulturist, writes weekly about his love of wine and its history. Ron Smith, World of Wine columnist1 / 2bottle of champagne, chocolate, glass and heart with ribbon on dark blue wooden background, top view2 / 2Our daughter, Amanda, very thoughtfully gave us a wine and chocolate gift for our 40th wedding anniversary, which was appreciated and totally enjoyed. The single red rose says “I love you” – “You are the one for me.”If the romance is more in the beginning stage, and you wish to be the exclusive love, then purchase 12 red roses, as they say explicitly, “Please be mine. It was thought to have been lost, but is now routinely propagated and increasing in availability to the market.This very affable wine has a deep straw-yellow color and is soft on the palate. Another Italian wine, Merlettaie Offida, is made with 100 percent pecorino, a wine grape making a comeback in part of Italy. Both of these Italian suggestions have a $20 or less.Remembering the one you love during this time of year can help to raise winter temperatures with a little thoughtfulness. “This then opens the door to share in the wine and chocolates. Pair white chocolate with a white wine, like a sparkling Riesling. Readers can reach him at A milk chocolate with smooth chardonnay and a dark chocolate with a dark wine, like a merlot.The darker the chocolate, the darker the wine.For intense, dark, high cacao chocolate, go for a strong, intense wine, like a zinfandel or syrah.If this is an overload of too much of everything, any one of these Valentine items can stand-alone as well.If you and your sweetheart are wine aficionados, try to locate Montefalco Rosso, an Italian blend of sangiovese, sagrantino and merlot. This is a deep ruby red wine with a nice balance between acidity and tannins.For white wine lovers, there are plenty from which to select. Quality wines can be purchased for around or under $20.Flowers — roses in particular — depend on market competition.Basic rules apply here; the wine should be a little sweeter than the chocolate, otherwise the wine will taste bitter. Such a combination would be a hit for your Valentine as well, but being a retired horticulturist, adding flowers would make your romantic intentions crystal clear.The next question then is, which wine and chocolate would go with the flowers?Staying with the Valentine tradition, red roses would be the logical choice. It should be good with the white chocolate of your choosing. Because red is a bold, expressive color in flowers and wine, the red wine you choose should be something that will complement the chocolate.This is not the time to be a tightwad in making purchases of these components of romantic expression — go for quality in every instance, but avoid a budget hemorrhage. You can do a dozen red roses, or a single red one.

JV Patriots improve to 16-1

The Patriots came out playing well on the defensive end until their offense heated up late in the first half. The Patriots boys JV basketball team raised their record to 16-1 overall with victories over host Pelican Rapids and visiting Virginia. The squad played a fine defensive game, frustrating the visitors throughout. The Patriots led start to finish in the game and saw 10 players scoring, led by Dylin Ackerman with 20 points and Sean Ryan with 15.This past Friday, the Patriots ran away from the Virginia Blue Devils by the score of 64-32. On the scoring side, Dylin Ackerman had a fine game netting 19 points while Tyler Manley added nine points and Sean Ryan and Zach Senst chipped in eight points a piece. The Patriots made the trip to Pelican Rapids to garner a 67-45 victory over the host team.

Dahlberg 2nd on bars in Warriors loss

2. Dahlberg, a Pequot Lakes junior, scored a 9.0 on the uneven bars.Brainerd, 4-3 in the conference and 5-3 overall, is scheduled to compete at the CLC championship at Fergus Falls on Saturday, Feb. 11.Willmar 145.25, Brainerd 144.025Vault: 1-Jaelyn Kappes (B) 9.55, 2-Millie Klefsaas (B) 9.45Uneven parallel bars: 1-Lydia Morrell (W) 9.275, 2-Hannah Dahlberg 9.0 (B), 3-Kappes 8.875, 4-Brooke Jones (B) 8.75Balance beam: 1-Jaelyn King (B) 9.4, 4-Kenna Smith (B) 8.95Floor exercise: 1-Klefsaas (B) 9.55, 4-Jones 9.3, 4-Smith 9.3, 4-King 9.3All-around: 2-Klefsaas 35.15 Brainerd’s Millie Klefsaas won floor exercise while teammate Hannah Dahlberg was second in the uneven parallel bars in the Warriors’ 145.25 to 144.025 home loss to Class 1A’s third-ranked Willmar Cardinals in Central Lakes Conference action on Thursday, Feb. Klefsaas was one-tenth of a point away from breaking Brainerd’s school record in floor exercise.

Grand Rapids defeats Patriots 73-52

3, Olivia Lane and Corina Ruud each finished with 19 points for Pequot Lakes in a loss to Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton.The Patriots committed numerous turnovers as they fell to the host Rebels after leading by one point at halftime.”We made way too many turnovers and didn’t get any kind of break in the second half,” Dale said.The Patriots came into the game having won three of their last four games.DGF 40 34—74Pequot Lakes 41 24—65DILWORTH-GLYNDON-FELTONJena Jacobson 12, Natalie Steichen 12, Katlyn Brenna 3, Rae Critchley 14, Grace Steichen 11, Shelby Mullikin 8, Allie Critchley 9, Sarah Sylliaasen 4, Maria Watt 1. 10.Grand Rapids 25 27—52Pequot Lakes 33 40—73GRAND RAPIDSMya Roberts 2, Heaven Hamling 30, Hannah DeMars 9, Maggie Miska 2, Meara Beighley 11, Jordin McCartney 12, Ashley Henrichsen 7.PEQUOT LAKESAddie Hubbard 2, Molly Dotty 2, Karli Skog 12, Quinn Kratochvil 2, Olivia Lane 20, Lyndsey Johnson 1, Corina Ruud 9, Bre Sewall 1, Sam Littman 3.Dilworth-GF 74, Patriots 65On Friday, Feb. “Olivia and Sam had big games for us.”Detroit Lakes 25 22—47Pequot Lakes 35 33—68DETROIT LAKESEmily Larson 4, Naomi Larson 6, Lauren Tschider 8, Kendra Kvebak 1, Mikayla Markuson 2, Lauryn Manning 7, Breanna Price 11, Abby Schramel 8. Grand Rapids cut that deficit to eight before the break.Ruud made a couple of baskets to start the second half. “You can’t win when you do that.”Pequot Lakes was scheduled to play Crosby-Ironton on Tuesday, Jan. 3-point 0-1 (0 percent). 31, Olivia Lane’s 28 points paced the Pequot Lakes Patriots to a Mid-State Conference victory over the Detroit Lakes Lakers. 4. However, the Thunderhawks would then start their comeback, eventually tying the game 39-39 before pulling ahead on a Hamling 3-pointer.The Thunderhawks continued to score and led 64-46 with 4:05 remaining.”We must have had close to 60 turnovers in our last two games,” coach Jon Dale said. FT 3-6 (50 percent).PEQUOT LAKESMolly Dotty 2, Karli Skog 4, Olivia Lane 28, Kristin Skog 4, Corina Ruud 15, Bre Sewall 4, Sam Littman 13. The Patriots led 35-25 at the half and put the game away after the break, outscoring the Lakers 33-22 in the half.Pequot Lakes’ Sam Littman added 13 points and nine rebounds and Kristin Skog finished with seven assists, while Corina Ruud scored 15 points for the Patriots, who improve to 4-1 in the conference.”We played well,” Dale said. FG 27-61 (44 percent), FT 14-24 (58 percent). FT 11-17 (65 percent).Patriots 68, Detroit Lakes 47On Tuesday, Jan. 7, and then face Sebeka on Saturday, Feb. Olivia Lane scored 20 points and Karli Skog added 12 for the Patriots, who drop to 14-5 overall.The road-weary Patriots led the entire first half and led 33-25 at the break after leading by as many as 13 points.In the second half, however, Grand Rapids junior Heaven Hamling took over for the Thunderhawks, pouring in 28 points – including five 3-pointers – after scoring just two in the first half.The Patriots jumped out to an early 5-0 lead, and stretched that to 9-2 on a rebound basket by Corina Ruud and Lane’s turnaround bank shot. The Patriots lead extended to 18-9 after a Sam Littman layup.Holding a six-point lead, Lane made four free throws and a layup while Littman added a free throw to give the Patriots a 13-point advantage. The Grand Rapids Thunderhawks girls’ basketball team defeated the Pequot Lakes Patriots 73-52 in non-conference action on Saturday, Feb. FT 21-32 (66 percent).PEQUOT LAKESMolly Dotty 3, Karli Skog 8, Olivia Lane 19, Kristin Skog 6, Corina Ruud 19, Bre Sewall 5, Sam Littman 5.

Patriots top Hibbing

3, Gage Westlund scored a season-high 35 points, but Pequot Lakes couldn’t overcome a six-point halftime deficit and fell to the Virginia Blue Devils 74-63.”My shots were falling, so I kept shooting,” Westlund said. FT 18-26 (69 percent).Patriots 89, Pelican Rapids 54On Tuesday, Jan. FT 8-13 (62 percent).PEQUOT LAKESAustin Young 2, Adam Casanova 5, Noah Borleis 4, Nathan Traut 4, Chase Larson 12 , Kirk Johnson 4, Gage Westlund 8, Cody Huss 15, Sam Scheuss 6, Jordan Schommer 8, Andy Voges 7, Zach Sjoblad 6, Tyler Manley 2, Zach Senst 6. 3.2 / 2Cody Huss scored 15 points for the Pequot Lakes Patriots in a 74-55 defeat of the Hibbing Bluejackets in non-conference boys’ basketball action on Monday, Feb. He added two more baskets as the Patriots had an 8-6 lead. FT 16-26 (62 percent). Lori Westlund/Echo Journal Correspondent
Patriot guard Gage Westlund takes a fast break layup against Virginia Friday, Feb. However, the Blue Devils managed to come back before the break, and went into the locker room with a 33-27 lead.Virginia stretched its lead to 40-29 quickly in the second half, but Traut hit another 3-pointer and Westlund had a 14-footer and a triple and the Patriots were within five points with just under 13 minutes.The Patriots pulled to within one at 48-47 with 9:06 left on two Westlund free throws but six unanswered Virginia points gave the Blue Devils a seven-point advantage.Pequot Lakes managed to cut the lead down to two at 62-60 with 2:37 left after a three by Westlund and free throws by Westlund and Cody Huss, but Virginia managed to again pull away.”They were a lot bigger than us, but I thought we played pretty well against a team that had lost only once this year,” coach Rich Spiczka said of the Blue Devils.The loss snaps Pequot Lakes’ three-game winning streak while Virginia improves to 18-1. 10.Hibbing 18 37 – 55Pequot Lakes 44 30 – 74HIBBINGJadyn Colbaugh 1, Will Durie 5, Luke Lundell 10, Cooper Lundell 17, Sadiq Mohamed 3, Phil Rebrovich 3, Cole Mammenga 5, Jonun McGaffey 9, Ayden McDonald 2. FT 17-26 (65 percent).Virginia 74, Patriots 63On Friday, Feb. FT 20-26 (77 percent).PEQUOT LAKESAdam Casanova 4, Nathan Traut 12, Kirk Johnson 1, Gage Westlund 35, Cody Huss 2, Andy Voges 3, Zach Sjoblad 4, Tyler Manley 2. The Patriots, who exploded for a 44-18 halftime lead, als received 13 points from Adam Casanova and 12 points from Zach Sjoblad.Pequot Lakes, 11-7 overall, were scheduled to play Pine River-Backus on Tuesday, Feb. “It would have been better if we would have won.”Westlund hit a 3-pointer to get the Patriots off to an early lead. 6. 3.1 / 2Lori Westlund/Echo Journal Correspondent
Pequot Lakes' Tyler Manley takes a jump shot against Virginia on Friday, Feb. 3-point ( percent).PEQUOT LAKESAustin Young 1, Adam Casanova 13, Noah Borleis 2, Nathan Traut 6, Gage Westlund 9, Cody Huss 15, Jordan Schommer 4, Andy Voges 4, Zach Sjoblad 12, Tyler Manley 6, Zach Senst 2. FG (percent), FT 9-17 (53 percent). 31, Cody Huss had 15 points for Pequot Lakes in a non-conference victory over the Pelican Rapids Vikings. Ethan Youso finished with 24 points for the Blue Devils while Traut had 12 for the Patriots.Virginia 33 41—74Pequot Lakes 27 36—63VIRGINIADrew Aho 11, Nathan Fink 5, Kody Lindgren 2, Max Carlson 8, Tom Norman 12, Ethan Youso 24, Bryce Kennedy 12. Chase Larson added 12 points for the Patriots, who exploded for a 50-20 halftime lead.Pelican Rapids 20 34—54Pequot Lakes 50 39—89PELICAN RAPIDSMcHale Korf 2, Brandon Osborne 4 , Hayden Christenson 2, Oakley Kress 13, Jacob Gottenborg 8, Carlan Haugrud 5, Eli Sytsma 9, Zack Sjolie 9. 7, and then travel to Duluth Denfeld on Friday, Feb. Virginia tied the game at 11 and maintained an even game for several minutes before the Westlund and Adam Casanova each hit a 3-pointer to give the Patriots a 22-16 lead with 7:20 left in the first half.

Wynn, Tigers triumph 78-47

Also aiding the Tigers were Shelby Adkins with 16 points, Gabby Rainwater with 15, and Rylie Hirschey with eight.”This was a good win,” commented Hirschey. FG 26-72 (36 percent), FT 11-20 (55 percent). 31.”When we play Walker again we need to play more aggressively the whole game,” commented Rylie Hirschey. FG 30-79 (38 percent), FT 10-20 (50 percent). 3-point 3-13 (23 percent).PINE RIVER-BACKUSBailey Wynn 22, Gabby Rainwater 5, Olivia Adkins 4, Shelby Adkins 10, Alyssa Semmler 9, Andrea Semmler 5, Anna Felthous 2, Rylie Hirschey 8, Emma Barchus 4, Emma Templeton 2. 3-point 8-27 (30 percent).Tigers 71, Blackduck 32Wynn led the Tigers again with 22 points and seven rebounds as they easily defeated the Blackduck Drakes 71-32 Thursday, Feb. Bailey Wynn led the Pine River-Backus Tigers with 22 points and seven steals over the Northome-Kelliher Mustangs 78-47 Friday, Feb. These games are what we work so hard for; this is why you can find my teammates like Shelby Adkins and bailey Wynn in the gym at 6:30 every morning, they will be ready and I will be ready too.”The Tiger are next scheduled to travel to Walker for another shot at the Wolves Thursday, Feb 9.Walker-Hackensack-A 36 27—63Pine River-Backus 29 17—46WALKER-HACKENSACK-AKELEYAbbie Anderson 2, Megan Benjamin 11, Katie Benjamin 16, Bri Raddatz 15, Shelby Berg 8, Justine Day 11. 3-point 10-21 (48 percent).PINE RIVER-BACKUSBailey Wynn 9, Gabby Rainwater 6, Shelby Adkins 2, Alyssa Semmler 23, Andrea Semmler 3, Rylie Hirschey 3. 3-point 3-11 (27 percent). FG 12-40 (30 percent), FT 5-7 (71 percent). 3. 3-point 8-21 (38 percent).Walker-H-A 63, Tigers 46Semmler led all scorers with 23 points, but it was not enough as the Tigers lost a nine game win streak and their undefeated in conference record to the Walker-Hackensack-Akeley Wolves 46-63 Tuesday, Jan. FG 23-44 (52 percent), FT 7-8 (88 percent). FG 19-55 (35 percent), FT 5-9 (56 percent). 3-point 4-17 (24 percent).PINE RIVER-BACKUSBailey Wynn 22, Gabby Rainwater 15, Shelby Adkins 16, Alyssa Semmler 5, Andrea Semmler 8, Anna Felthous 2, Rylie Hirschey 8, Emma Barchus 2. 2.Adkins finished with 10 points, and Alyssa Semmler added nine points and 10 rebounds for the Tigers.Blackduck 23 9—32Pine River-Backus 37 34—71BLACKDUCKHaley Murray 4, Alexa Sparby 19, Jada Landis 3, Zoey Mills 6. “If we can cut down on the unforced turnovers too, I believe that we will have a shot. 9.Kelliher/Northome 25 22—47Pine River-Backus 37 41—78KELLIHER/NORTHOMEKaleigha Donnell 8, Destiny Heck 8, Laechen Wagner 21, Shanelle Head 8, Team 2. FG 17-51 (33 percent), FT 9-15 (60 percent). 7, and then travel to Walker-Hackensack-Akeley on Thursday, Feb. “We tried to just focus on the game and play hard.”The Tigers, 10-1 in the conference and 15-5 overall, were scheduled to play Wadena-Deer Creek on Tuesday, Feb.

Lightning strike in overtime – NL wins conference title with 4-3 victory

9, at Breezy Point Arena. 5 Willmar.”The title is a product of all the hard work this group has done starting in June,” said Northern Lakes coach John Stockler. Tietz scored again to give her team a 3-2 lead but the Blue Devils rallied to tie it 3-3 with just 2:16 remaining in regulation time.Gutzman then scored early in the overtime, assisted by Soderholm.”The overtime goal was one of, if not the best, puck movement we had the whole game,” Stockler said. Sam Gutzman scored in overtime as the Northern Lakes girls’ hockey team edged the Prairie Centre Blue Devils 4-3 on Friday, Feb. Gutzman had a goal and an assist while Tulenchik finished with 24 saves for the Lightning.River Lakes 2 0—2Northern Lakes 1 1 1—3First period: RL-Alyssa Meed (Jordan King, Jaiden Deming) 12:19, RL-Sierra Flint (Courtney Hanson) 10:56, NL-Sam Gutzman (Savannah Abear) 7:24Second period: NL-Alyssa Koslowski 12:06Third period: NL-Hayden Boelter (S. Gutzman, Caitlyn Gutzman) ppg 1:00Shots on goal: NL 29, RL 26Goalies: NL- Chaia Tulenchik (24 saves); RL- Jordyn Tomaszewski (26 saves) “One of our biggest reasons for our success is our depth. Top seeded Fergus Falls and No. It was a very exciting finish and i’m so happy for Sam. It was also Northern Lakes’ fifth straight win and 13th victory in the past 14 games to close out the regular season.The third-seeded Lightning, 6-0 in the conference and 19-6 overall, will host No. 3, to give the Lightning their first Mid-State Conference outright title in program history. We have a high number of players who can step into different roles and contribute which allows us to be flexible in our game plan and in game adjustments. It’s great to have one of our senior captains be able to put a stamp on the regular season like that.”Freshman goaltender Chaia Tulenchik stopped 13 shots for the Lightning.Prairie Centre 1 1 1 0—3Northern Lakes 1 1 1 1—4First period: NL-Sydney Tietz 16:26; PC-Kenzie Christianson (Mikayla Olson) 4:18Second period: NL-Mandi Soderholm (Chelsea Skiuzacek) ppg 14:56; PC-Kylee Hopp (Abby Ecker) 8:05Third period: NL-Tietz 15:27; PC-Reece Ritter 2:16Overtime: NL-Sam Gutzman (Soderholm) 7:16Shots on goal: NL 18, PC 16Goalies: NL-Chaia Tulenchik (13 saves); PC-Mackenzie Och (14 saves)Lightning 4, Detroit Lakes 0On Thursday, Feb. It has been an honor for me to be able to work with these girls and coach with Breanna Sheley and Greg Yee.”Sydney Tietz and Mandi Soderholm scored to give Northern Lakes a 2-1 lead before Prairie Centre tied it midway through the second period. The line of Sam Gutzman, Mandi Soderholm, and Sydney Tietz had a great zone entry and Sam finished it off. 31, Boelter scored the game-winning goal for Northern Lakes in its victory over the Stars (from the Cold Spring/Paynesville area). Thursday, Feb. 4 Prairie Centre will host No. 2, Tulenchik stopped all 32 shots she faced in net for Northern Lakes, which earned at least a share of the Mid-State Conference title with a win over the Lakers.Hayden Boelter scored twice and Sam Gutzman and Caitlyn Gutzman each added goals for the Lightning.Detroit Lakes 0—0Northern Lakes 1 2 1—4First period: NL-Hayden Boelter (Michaela Stangle) 14:16Second period: NL-Sam Gutzman (Sydney Tietz, Mandi Soderholm) 9:41; NL-Caitlyn Gutzman (Sam Gutzman, Boelter) ppg 11:42Third period: NL-Boelter (Caitlyn Gutzman, Chelsea Skluzacek) shg 3:35Shots on goal: NL 24, DL 32Goalies: NL-Chaia Tulenchik (32 saves)Lightning 3, River Lakes 2On Tuesday, Jan. “We took control in the neutral zone after the faceoff, regrouped it twice and all five players touched the puck as it came up the ice. 6 Morris/Benson in the Section 6A quarterfinals at 7 p.m. 2 Alexandria received first-round byes while No.

Tigers fall to Mustangs in overtime

FT 4-6 (67 percent).PINE RIVER-BACKUSBrady Raph 9, Torry Hirschey 9, Nick Ackerman 17, Kiel Struss 4, Joe Davidson 2. 2.1 / 2Lena Richards/Echo Journal Correspondent
Tiger forward Kiel Struss drives against the Nevis defense Thursday, Feb. 10.Northome-Kelliher 39 25 12—76Pine River-Backus 37 27 7—76NORTHOME/KELLIHERJohnathan Weidenborner 26, Dylan Albrecht 17, Adnew Stueven 11, Trevor Poxlietner 2, Clyde Jensen 8, Conner Rennemo 3, Todd Stillday 9. I was proud of the kids effort under the circumstances, but we still had our opportunities to win the game.”PR-B, 4-7 in the conference and 8-10 overall, were scheduled to host Pequot Lakes on Tuesday, Feb. FT 17-20 (85 percent).PINE RIVER-BACKUSBrady Raph 11, Torry Hirschey 16, Nick Ackerman 20, Jordan Onken 3, Kiel Struss 6, Nate Brasel 9, Joe Davidson 5. 3-point 8-21 (38 percent).PINE RIVER-BACKUSTorry Hirschey 8, Nick Ackerman 8, Kiel Struss 17, Travis Tschida 3, Nate Brasel 3. FT 9-12 (75 percent). Lena Richards/Echo Journal Correspondent
Tiger forward Kiel Struss drives against the Nevis defense Thursday, Feb. 7, and then host Red Lake on Friday, Feb. FG 13-35 (37 percent), FT 8-8 (100 percent). The Tigers trailed by two at intermission and finished regulation in a 64-64 tie, before the Mustangs outscored them 12-7 in overtime.”We played an outstanding basketball game,” coach John Riewer said. 3. 2, Kiel Struss tallied 17 points during the Pine River-Backus’ Northland Conference loss to the Nevis Tigers.Nevis is ranked fifth in Class 1A, leads the conference at 10-0, is 17-1 overall, and has won 12 in a row.Nevis 29 26—55Pine River-Backus 30 9—39NEVISZach Henry 2, Andrew Dudley 12, Griffin Chase 20, Jack Landquist 9, Michael Landquist 8, Tom Wormley 4. 3-point 5-14 (36 percent).Tigers 41, Bertha-Hewitt 39Pine River-Backus’ Nick Ackerman scored a game-high 17 points in a 41-39 non-conference victory over Bertha-Hewitt Tuesday.The Tigers built a 34-17 halftime lead, but could only manage seven points in a second half plagued by turnovers.Bertha-Hewitt 17 22—39Pine River-Backus 34 7—41BERTHA-HEWITTCody Brown 3, Austin Mattson 10, William Harren 11, Luke Follmer 4, Charles Bakken 3, Jerry Lamb 4, Brett Jansen 4. FT 15-17 (88 percent).Nevis 55, Tigers 39On Thursday, Feb. “Unfortunately we came up short. FG 19-45 (42 percent), FT 9-13 (69 percent). 2.2 / 2Pine River-Backus’ Nick Ackerman totaled 20 points followed by Torry Hirschey’s 16 in a 76-71 overtime loss to Northome-Kelliher in a Northland Conference game on Friday, Feb. It was our fourth game in five days.

Weighing in on ‘Whole 30’ diet trend

They actually hope to do the Whole 30 periodically throughout the year.”I couldn’t sustain this level of intensity for a year,” Eric Johnson says. I think they even tell you by day 5 you might want to kill someone. I’m also kind of competitive and wanted to challenge myself. Yet, surprisingly neither of the Johnsons were overly tempted by cravings.”I was never dreaming of sugar,” she says. (They were particularly surprised that most bacon sold at the grocery store comes with added sugar, for example.)Manney learned something a little more specific: “I can’t go 30 days without coffee creamer,” she says, laughing.She also says she learned that she doesn’t really have sensitivities to any of the foods she cut out.”Nothing really changed for me after the program,” Manney says. Beverages were restricted to water and black coffee.Kirsten Johnson says the book warns you the first few days can be rough, and it was right. Second, they might wonder what’s left to eat.But thousands of Americans, including some in the Fargo-Moorhead area, are willingly choosing to eat that way as part of the “Whole 30” program based on The New York Times best-selling book, “The Whole 30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom.”Authors Dallas and Melissa Hartwig say “Whole 30” is not a diet, but a “short-term nutritional reset, designed to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract and balance your immune system.”They argue that some foods, like milk, bread or sugary treats, can cause problems in your body making you feel tired or causing digestive issues.By giving up all of the potentially-troubling food for a month then slowly reintroducing them, you can figure out what might be causing your problems.It was an idea that intrigued third-grade teacher Kirsten Johnson of Moorhead who didn’t need to lose weight, but says she just wanted to feel better.”I’d come home from work feeling really tired, and I think I had a lot of blood sugar spikes,” she says. “We learned how to use spices in our food, and we learned that food can be really good without all of those added things.” But this was a good experience that we’ll try again sometime.”Kirsten Johnson agreed. I like dairy and I like the social aspect of sharing good food. Could I really do this for 30 days?”At first, her husband Eric, who works at Concordia College and calls himself “not always a compliant joiner” thought about eating Whole 30-style just at dinner time. It didn’t get that bad,” she says, laughing.Kirsten Johnson — who is 5 feet 2-inches “on a good day” — says she felt like she was getting plenty to eat. “The bigger challenge was if someone brought cookies into the office or something.”That was also the challenge for Julie Manney of Fargo who took on the “Whole 30″ diet in December.”I remember I’d walk by someone’s desk at work and see a candy jar and think, ’28 more days!’ ” she says.Manney, who knows the Johnsons through their children, actually provided advice to the couple as they went through the program a month apart.”The program can be kind of a shock,” Kirsten Johnson says. “So it can be nice to have someone to talk to and compare ‘this is hard — this isn’t.’ “The Johnsons say as the program went along their energy improved, and they learned a lot about dining out, meal planning and reading labels. “I was cranky, headachey and tired. Everyone is different, and it might help you narrow down what could be causing you problems.”The Johnsons planned to open a bottle of wine at the stroke of midnight when their 30 days were up. “I like gluten. Eric Johnson also joked he might find himself in a nacho hangover.But instead, when the 30 days were up, they eased back into reintroducing their normal diet: Greek yogurt and fruit for breakfast instead of eggs and vegetables. First, they’d question why they’re being punished. “We learned so much,” she says. “But I think everybody should try it. But the same wasn’t true for 6-foot-tall Eric Johnson who says he felt like he was in near-starvation mode sometimes. “I thought I’d be driving to Walgreens to sneak Milk Duds, but I was fine.”Her husband agreed. “It was never one thing that woke me up in the middle of the night, like ‘I need pizza now!’ “he says. “I was interested in learning more about the food we eat. Instead, he decided to jump in wholeheartedly and even write a blog about the experience, called “The Whole Enchilada.”The couple got rid of the forbidden food (tortilla chips, peanuts and cereal among their favorites) and packed their kitchen full of fruits, vegetables, nuts (except peanuts since they are legumes), unprocessed meats and eggs. Kirsten and Eric Johnson cut vegetables at their home in Moorhead while talking about the Whole Enchilada Diet.David Samson / The ForumFARGO — If the average American is told they need to go one month without eating processed foods, grains, dairy, beans, legumes, sugar or alcohol, two things might occur.

North Stars swept on the road

McConnell finished with 34 saves while Moore turned aside 37 shots.Breezy Point, 21-18 overall, has lost five straight games. Winning netminder Max McConnell turned aside 45 shots while Breezy Point’s Lucas Ehrlich and Bronson Moore combined for 26 saves.On Friday, the North Stars grabbed a 1-0 lead on Langworthy’s unassisted goal in the second period. 12. All four goals were scored in the second period, including a tally by the North Stars’ Steven Kukla. That goal was assisted by Andrew Heckaman and Austin Langworthy. On Thursday, Breezy Point lost despite enjoying a 46-29 edge in shots. 2, and then rallied to win 2-1 on Friday, Feb. 11, and the travel to the Willmar WarHawks on Sunday, Feb. The North Stars are scheduled to play at the New Ulm Steel on Saturday, Feb. 3. But the Whalers rallied to tie it later in the period and then net the winning goal in the third period. The Whalers triumphed 3-1 on Thursday, Feb. The Wisconsin Whalers swept the visiting Breezy Point North Stars in North American Tier III junior hockey action last weekend.

Road Crew win 3 matches at Fergus Falls

“They had our number the last two years, so it was nice to get back on top. Chase Lytle 11-1126: Manthei (RC) pinned Carter Brown :43132: Nate Loxterkamp (SCM) pinned Tulenchik 2:41138: Jordan Winter (SCM) dec. Dave Gravdahl/Echo Journal Correspondent
Road Crew wrestler Tim Ryan picked up a key win against Sauk Centre/Melrose in a Friday, Feb. The Road Crew defeated Roseau 66-24, Sauk Centre/Melrose 37-30 and Fergus Falls 60-24 to improve their overall record to 12-10.”We had a really nice team effort against Sauk Centre-Melrose,” said Road Crew coach Travis Hoffarth. “He returned from injury in January, and when he returned it seemed as if every team we faced had a really good 220 pounder or heavyweight. Ryan 7-2160: Cain (PL/PRB) dec. We fell behind early, but our middle and upper weights were able to get us back on track.”Hoffarth added that Tim Ryan picked up a “big victory” for the Road Crew at 152 pounds.”Tucker Cain then followed with a victory over a tough opponent,” he said. 9.Road Crew 66, Roseau 24106: Riley Wilson (RC) won by forfeit113: Addi Harrington (RC) pinned Connor Eidsmoe 1:51120: Race Kinochenmus (Roseau) pinned Zack Stevenson 2:54126: Riley Eidsmoe (Roseau) pinned Isaac Manthei :19132: Joe Poehler (RC) won by forfeit138: Zack Tulenchik (RC) won by forfeit145: Chandler Mooney (Roseau) pinned Evan Gravdahl 2:40152: Tucker Cain (RC) won by forfeit160: Devyn Richards (RC) won by forfeit170: Blake Skogstad (Roseau) won by forfeit182: Cody France (RC) pinned Brandon McCourt :39195: Justin Neumann (RC) pinned Brodie Wensloff 1:45220: John Urseth (RC) pinned James Rauser 3:59285: Myca Reynolds (RC) pinned Luis Enriquez 1:40Road Crew 37, Sauk Centre/Melrose 30106: Antonio Ortiz (SCM) pinned Evan Koering :26113: Lazoio Garcia (SCM) pinned Wilson 1:59120: Harrington (RC) dec. Manthei 15-5132: Poehler (PL/PRB) pinned Owen Lucas 3:41138: Nate Golden (B) pinned Tulenchik 1:31145: Gravdahl (PL/PRB) pinned Alan Wouri 1:47152: Chance Hinrichs (B) dec. “Justin (Neumann) is starting to look like the guy we have counted on the last couple of seasons. He has continued to battle, and was able to get the clinching victory against (Sauk Centre/Melrose). Austin Millard 10-6160: Cain (RC) dec. 3. 3, quadrangular.Addi Harrington, Cody France, Justin Neumann and John Urseth each won three matches to help the Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus Road Crew win three matches at the Fergus Falls Quadrangular on Friday, Feb. over Richards 13-0182: Hunter Schoenborn (B) pinned France 1:46195: Neumann (PL/PRB) dec. Harrington 4-3120: Joe Hudson (B) wins by forfeit126: Jon Solum (B) maj. Corey McCallister 10-6170: Nick Peterson (B) maj. Luke Glasener 7-5170: Bryce Stalboerger (SCM) dec. 2, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus’ Jake Poehler and Evan Gravdahl recorded pins during the Road Crew’s 42-24 non-conference loss to the Bemidji Lumberjacks.Bemidji 42, PL/PRB 24106: Wilson (PL/PRB) wins by forfeit113: Bryce Golden (B) dec. 7, and then travel to Aitkin on Thursday, Feb. Poehler 10-3145: Gravdahl (RC) pinned Karter Werrmann 3:15152: Tim Ryan (RC) dec. “We then had Cody France, Justin Neumann and John Urseth earn key victories.”Evan Gravdahl also registered two pins as the Road Crew had numerous admirable performances.”Addisuone (Harrington) had a strong night as he dominated all three opponents and earned bonus points,” Hoffarth said. Luke Dehmer 4-3285: Sam Sjogren (SCM) pinned Reynolds 1:42Road Crew 60, Fergus Falls 24106: Evan Koering (RC) pinned David Wahl 2:31113: Ethan Krause (FF) pinned Wilson 5:55120: Harrington (RC) pinned Justin Boyd :31126: Mathei (RC) wins by forfeit132: Poehler (RC) pinned Tyler Adam :56138: Cole Fronning (FF) pinned Tulenchick 1:23145: Gravdahl (RC) pinned Mat Holding Eagle :49152: Spencer Sikkink (FF) pinned Cain 3:45160: Peter Koering (RC) wins by forfeit170: Richards (RC) wins by forfeit182: France (RC) wins by forfeit195: Neumann (RC) wins by forfeit220: Eric Tysdal (FF) wins by forfeit285: Urseth (RC) wins by forfeitBemidji 42, Road Crew 24On Thursday, Feb. dec. Everyone was really happy for him. dec. He then followed that up with two more victories.”The Road Crew were scheduled to compete against United North Central on Tuesday, Feb. We needed him to step up, and that is starting to happen at the right time of the season.”Hoffarth added that Urseth continues to bounce back for the Road Crew.”John (Urseth) has had a tough season,” he said. Peter Moen 13-9220: Kaleb Beam (B) wins by forfeit285: Xavier Whalen (B) wins by forfeit Devyn Richards 10-3182: France (RC) pinned Bryan Raya 2:54195: Neumann (RC) pinned Roberto Roya 4:13220: Urseth (RC) dec.

Lost Italian: A Valentine’s Day treat for the loved ones in your life

We had our first kiss over chocolate cake almost one year before, and I was dearly moved by his thoughtful remembrance of that special moment.This week’s recipes are two of my favorites when it comes to chocolate sheet cake and frosting. Ever since, I have believed in the power of chocolate cake.Sarah’s Favorite Chocolate Sheet CakeIngredients:1 cup unsalted butter⅓ cup unsweetened cocoa powder1 cup water2 cups all-purpose flour2 cups sugar1 teaspoon baking soda½ teaspoon salt2 slightly beaten eggs½ cup buttermilk1 ½ teaspoons vanilla2 to 3 tablespoons flavored liqueur (coffee, chocolate or orange), optionalDirections:Preheat oven to 375 degrees.Grease a 15 ½ x 10 ½ x 1-inch baking pan and then line with a layer of parchment paper. The Antarctic itineraries could last anywhere from 10 to 17 days between ports and having Tony in such a remote part of the world made it difficult to communicate on a regular basis.It had been almost a month since I’d heard from Tony, and I started to worry that he might have lost interest in our long-distance relationship. Back then, there were no cell phones or email capabilities at sea, and the only way to communicate was through the semi-weekly boxes of mail and reports sent back and forth between the home office and the ship, or via obscenely expensive satellite phone calls ($10 per minute).We hadn’t seen each other in over six months, and even though we did our best to stay in touch, we were 9,000 miles apart. Bring to boil over medium heat, stirring constantly; remove from heat.In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, sugar, soda and salt. Using the paddle attachment on your stand mixer, stir in the eggs, buttermilk, vanilla and liqueur on medium-low speed until smooth and well mixed.Add the warm cocoa mixture and mix on medium speed until fully blended, about 2 minutes, scraping down the sides and bottom of the bowl as needed.Pour the cake batter into the prepared sheet pan and bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes, or until a toothpick test comes out clean. It is best applied with a knife or spatula.• If the frosting becomes clumpy or stiff when adding the sugar, don’t worry. It was around 7:30 a.m., and I was not only flummoxed, but peeved, by this early morning disturbance. I still have the very first Valentine I ever received from Tony, which came to me back in 1993 all the way from Antarctica. This will pass once the egg has been added.• Recommended flavorings include the juice of macerated berries or cherries, any citrus juice or zest, coffee or rum.• Raise your hand high when sprinkling small ingredients like sprinkles, sugar or salt for a more even distribution.”Home With the Lost Italian” is a weekly column written by Sarah Nasello featuring recipes by her husband, Tony Nasello. Taste and add more flavor as desired.Use a toothpick to add the food coloring, sparingly, mixing in until desired color is achieved. I nearly knocked over a vase containing two dozen long-stemmed red roses, accompanied by a Valentine card hand-painted by Tony, featuring a picture of a chocolate cake. Mix in food coloring as desired.• If you are uncomfortable using a raw egg, a pasteurized egg may be used to ensure food safety.• This icing is lush and billowy, and a bit too thin for piping. Use immediately or refrigerate for 4 days.Sarahs’ Tips:• Uncooked icings can have a slightly raw taste which can be overcome by letting the icing stand over hot water. The cake is made with a cooked cocoa mixture and buttermilk, which results in a rich flavor and ultra-moist crumb.The French Icing is a recipe I discovered years ago in a cookbook, and it is quick and easy to make. A raw egg is the key to this frosting’s superbly lush texture, and you can use a pasteurized egg if you’re concerned about food safety. I grumbled my way to the door, looked through the peephole and saw no one on the other side.Now fully irritated, I threw the door open, ready to chase down my mystery knocker. Gently tap the frosting with the flat side of a knife or spatula to create small peaks.David Samson / The Forum1 / 4My very first Valentine from Tony.2 / 4 Hold your hand high to sprinkle and evenly distribute small ingredients.David Samson / The Forum3 / 4Valentine's Day chocolate cake hearts.David Samson / The Forum4 / 4Chocolate cake holds a special place in my heart, especially on Valentine’s Day. The couple owns Sarello’s in Moorhead and lives in Fargo with their 12-year-old son, Giovanni. Cool cake completely, then remove from pan and place on a cutting board.Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create the cake cutouts, and save the scraps for later use.To store:Cake may be stored, covered, at room temperature for at least 5 days, or frozen for up to 3 months.French IcingLightly adapted from The Joy of Cooking CookbookIngredients:2 cups powdered sugar, sifted4 tablespoons (½ stick) unsalted butter, softened to room temperature1 egg1 teaspoon pure vanilla1 to 3 tablespoons flavoringGel food coloringDecorative sprinkles, optionalDirections:Use a handheld or stand mixer and beat the butter until soft and creamy, about 1 minute. Gradually add the sugar, mixing on medium speed throughout, until the ingredients are blended and creamy.Beat in the egg until fully incorporated. To give it a Valentine’s boost, I added a touch of strawberry juice and a tiny bit of red gel food coloring.To this day, I have no idea how Tony orchestrated that special delivery all the way from Antarctica, but it worked. Readers can reach them at previous recipes can be found at ” target=”_blank”> Beat in the vanilla and any additional flavoring, one tablespoon at a time. Valentine’s Day that year fell on a Sunday, and when the box arrived from the ship on the Friday before, containing nothing with my name on it, I feared the worst.I woke up on Valentine’s Day to the sound of someone knocking on my apartment door. Louis home office, and we had been dating for almost a year. This will ensure easy removal of the cake later.In a saucepan combine butter, cocoa and water. Remove pot from burner, place the icing bowl on top and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the egg has been beaten in, but before adding the vanilla, flavoring and food color, simply bring a small pot of water to a boil. I knew, at that moment, that no distance was too great to keep us apart, and two months later we were engaged to be married. Add the vanilla and other flavoring and beat until cool and ready to spread. We were both working for Clipper Cruise Line at the time, Tony aboard ship and I in the St.

The Last Windrow: Taking a walk through history

That was a wrong thought. Things kind of get stalled down in the basement. It was my first big steelhead and that net brought the catch all back in an instant, along with thinking about my fishing partner, Harry Van Dorn.Also among the fishing gear was muskie fishing tackle. I found a pair of her Urban Cowboy boots from the ’80s, plastic cartons full of fabric, the pair of shoes I wore at our wedding that I thought I’d disposed of many years ago, Christmas decorations from our first Christmas tree, pots and pans that she has saved from our camping trips, and other relics of our past.Our plastic dog kennel and dog bowls sit on the floor, reminding me of the many dogs that have crossed our paths over the years. IllustrationI did a walk-through of my life last week.The deed of the day was to move my and my daughter’s blaze orange deer hunting clothing back to the upstairs of our garage. The bright orange clothing was starting to bother me after hanging in our basement since last November. Okay? You never know when you might need one.Along with the rods and reels hung fishing nets that I had used when salmon fishing from the shores of Lake Michigan, and there was a net that I used to net a steelhead trout from the Knife River. I remember Fritz Willie the 23rd, the dachshund who didn’t know how small he was. At that time I thought we would never fill up this space. But, I toted the gear up the stairs to the top floor of our garage and hung it among other various pieces of hunting clothing that I had garnered over the years. The lure that I used to catch my very first muskie hung from the edge of a Styrofoam bucket along with other miscellaneous, over-sized lures.That muskie catcher is an ugly, white lure that never caught another fish, but I remembered tugging this trophy muskie to the boat with that ugly lure dangling from the fish’s huge, toothy mouth.Our daughter’s collection of toys and baby goods sat in another corner of the room. Somehow this once vacant space was now filled with remnants of a former life – mine.Resting on the rafters was the first table of our marriage. A fisherman never gets rid of his old rods and reels. There were rods and reels that I have not used for 30 years. Our garage “museum” was a walk-through of the past and made me wonder where those years had gone.We must have had a good time. I checked to see if either had been chewed on by red squirrels, but evidently red squirrels don’t like the smell of a horse. A lion in a dachshund’s body.Being dog-less now seems to be both a blessing and a curse, but those pooches were a fond part of our history. We started with dachshunds that chewed everything to bits and then we moved up to sporting dogs that provided many great hunts in pheasant and grouse country.Looking at the kennel, I remembered Rainy and Jada bringing bird to hand in a South Dakota pheasant field and being about the best companions a human could have. And, we’ve still got the goods to prove it.See you next time. The saddles are intact.My wife has added to this living history. It was kind of depressing to look at what I used to look like.My gaze drifted across what started as a bare floor in 1982 when the garage was built. They came from a pizza house that had closed in a nearby town. It was a round, cherry wood table that came from an old resort. A baby crib, high chairs, toy kitchen stove, plastic horses of every type, hula hoop, tricycle, red wagon and other remnants of baby and early childhood.In the same vicinity there were two horse saddles that were used on two of our daughter’s horses. The table showed signs of cigarette burns along the edge. There were a couple of knife cuts on the surface and a small picture was painted on the top.Along with the table there were four bentwood chairs with bright red upholstery. I miss them.So, as I stood in just that one spot of our garage upstairs, the years melted away and I could feel the way I felt 40 some years ago. There were camouflage bib overalls that I had worn in the duck and goose blind, a blaze orange cap that never did fit, a heavy, red wool coat that is no longer legal to wear while deer hunting.Most of what hung on the rack was no longer fitting my frame, which has increased in width over the years. The chairs didn’t match the table, but when you are young married folks, you really don’t care what the table looks like as long as you can sit and eat.Over in another corner laid the leftovers from some of my fishing exploits.

Facing expulsion, three Gophers leaving U of Minn.

Sophomore cornerback Ray Buford and freshman defensive end Tamarion Johnson announced they will transfer to Arizona Western Community College.Sophomore safety Dior Johnson is no longer enrolled at the U, according to the school’s registrar’s office. … They can appeal the decision.Buford, from Detroit, tweeted Tuesday morning, “It is safe to say that my time (in Minnesota) is over and done.””Minnesota will forever be the greatest decision of my life,” tweeted Buford, who had 16 tackles and three pass breakups in seven games in 2016. “I want to thank all the coaches and staff at the University of Minnesota for helping me grow as an athlete, student, and a man,” he wrote.Hardin, of Webb City, Mo., has been a key player the past two seasons. He had 39 tackles, six pass breakups and two interceptions in eight games last year.Dior Johnson, a Detroit native, played in one game during the 2016 season.Buford, Hardin and the Johnsons were suspended for three games when the alleged sexual assault became public in September and remained suspended into early October. He also has been removed from the Gophers roster posted online.The fourth player, junior cornerback KiAnte Hardin, is enrolled in school, according to the registrar and was on the roster as of Tuesday afternoon. 27.Last Friday, a school panel said those four students will face expulsion and two other Gophers, running back Carlton Djam and quarterback Mark Williams, would receive one-year suspensions.The panel also said four players no longer face punishment: freshman safety Antoine Winfield Jr., freshman quarterback Seth Green, sophomore defensive back Antonio Shenault and junior running back Kobe McCrary.The Pioneer Press is a Forum News Service media partner. Thank you to all my coaches, teammates and friends here in Minnesota. Illinois Fighting Illini wide receiver Justin Hardee (19) looks for the first down marker while Minnesota Golden Gophers defensive back Ray Buford (21) signals that he was short of the line to gain during the 3rd quarter at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Ill., on Oct. They were reinstated when the Hennepin County attorney’s office declined to press charges. I have brothers that will back and support me through anything. The four players were then hit with restraining orders in October by the woman who made the allegations.In December, the number of players connected to the incident grew to 10. 29, 2016. They were suspended for the Gophers’ 17-12 Holiday Bowl victory over Washington State on Dec. “Despite everything that has unfolded, I have managed to make friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. I will never forget you.”Tamarion Johnson, a Detroit native who redshirted last season, announced his decision Monday night on Twitter. Mike Granse / USA TODAY SportsMINNEAPOLIS — Three of the four Gophers football players facing expulsion from the University of Minnesota have either transferred or left the U. Hardin and Dior Johnson have not announced their plans.Last Friday, the four players were recommended for expulsion by a school panel because of their suspected involvement in an alleged sexual assault in September.

Pominville, Niederreiter lift Wild over Jets

— The Minnesota Wild solidified their hold on top of the Western Division with a 4-2 victory over the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday night. It wasn’t punishment, though, as the Jets tweeted shortly afterward that Pavelec had sustained a lower-body injury.Winnipeg continued to play inspired hockey and were rewarded when Joel Armia used Minnesota defenseman Christian Folin as a screen before ripping his fourth of the season from just inside the blueline over Dubynk’s shoulder at 16:42 to reduce the deficit to 3-2. Right wing Jason Pominville also scored twice for Minnesota.Winnipeg outshot the Wild 40-25.The Wild opened the scoring at 11:51 of the first period when Niederreiter and center Charlie Coyle came down on an innocent-looking 2-on-2. Niederreiter pulled a nifty toe drag, creating a screen with Jets defenseman Josh Morrissey, and ripped a wrist shot from the top of the circle under Ondrej Pavelec’s glove for his 16th goal of the season.It was Minnesota’s eighth shot on goal and meant that Winnipeg’s newly anointed No. Coyle found Pominville with a cross-crease pass and he ripped his 10th past Pavelec at 2:33.The Jets got on the board following sustained pressure in the Wild zone immediately after. Minnesota (35-12-5) led 3-0 before the game was 23 minutes old and repelled Winnipeg’s spirited comeback.The Jets had several point-blank chances to pull even in the third period but were stopped by Devan Dubnyk or missed the net.Wild right winger Nino Niederreiter salted the game away with an empty-net goal, his second of the game and 17th of the season, with 1:20 left. Pominville converted the turnover when his wrist shot deflected off Morrissey and behind Pavelec at 19:19.Minnesota made it 3-0 early in the second period when Morrissey was stripped of the puck on a dump-in. Bruce Fedyck / USA TODAY SportsWINNIPEG, Man. Center Bryan Little picked up a loose puck in front of Dubnyk, skated to his left and outwaited the goaltender before calming roofing his 15th of the season at 5:35.Winnipeg pulled Pavelec for the first time this season and inserted Connor Hellebuyck. 7, 2017. Minnesota Wild right wing Jason Pominville (29) scores a goal past Winnipeg Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec (31) during the second period at MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Man., on Feb. 1 goaltender gave up the first goal within the first 10 shots in each of his eight starts since being recalled by the AHL’s Manitoba Moose last month.The Wild doubled their lead before the period was over following an interception of a break-out pass by rookie right winger Patrik Laine.

Late arrival Springs lifting Gophers as starter

It offered a chance to play in the NCAA tournament. 28, 2017. “The first day I came in the locker room, I saw Amir Coffey and I was like, ‘What’s up?’ And he didn’t say nothing to me. “I don’t even think (Richard) Pitino knows this.”Ears prick up when the Gophers’ most animated and outgoing basketball player launches into a story, so he has a rapt audience as continues a tale about his official visit to the University of Mississippi last summer. “And win some games in the tournament.”The Pioneer Press is a Forum News Service media partner. Nothing.””Looking back on that,” Coffey said with a smile, “it’s pretty funny.”That’s because Springs is now the Gophers’ most vocal leader and one of their most reliable players. And it was a short drive from most of his mother’s family.”I loved Ole Miss so much,” Springs said, “that I was like, ‘This is it.'”But as he spent last summer working on completing his undergraduate degree at Milwaukee, which would allow him to transfer without sitting out a year, Springs’ grandmother in Mississippi died.In the days that followed, Gophers basketball players and coaches, many of whom Springs had only met once on a recruiting visit, reached out. the ultimate green light.” But Springs said he wants something more than points out of his time in Dinkytown.”Make the (NCAA) tournament,” he said. Springs scored 15 points and had seven rebounds, on his way to a fine season.When his coach at Milwaukee, Rob Jeter, was fired in March, Springs decided he wanted to finish his degree early and transfer to play his final season elsewhere. His mother, Areka, has a Ph. “And I just wanted to make this the best one.”At Minnesota, Springs is working toward a master’s degree in youth development. D in early childhood education and runs a performing arts company, From Above, that helps inner-city children put on gospel plays.”I felt like it was my calling to work with kids,” Springs said. Minnesota Gophers guard Akeem Springs (0) celebrates his basket in the first half against the Maryland Terrapins at Williams Arena in Minneapolis on Jan. “I’m like, ‘How long?’ ‘Five pages.’ And I’m like, ‘That’s cake.'”As he enters the final two months of his college basketball career, Springs is enjoying his one and only season with the Gophers.As the best shooter on the team, he has earned what Pitino called “pretty close to … And he seemed to find everything he wanted at Ole Miss.It was a chance to play for a major conference school after four years with a chip on his shoulder after being spurned by big schools as a recruit. number zero … “It took a little time, but he’s starting to play his best basketball.”Springs admits he was nervous about joining a team as the eldest statesman — and so late to the party for a group of players that had been working out together all summer.”I didn’t think they were going to like me,” Springs said of the anxiety that built leading to his first practice with the Gophers. He spent last summer completed the remaining 12 credits necessary for a bachelor’s degree in communications.”I reflected on all my years in college,” Springs said of his summer without a team. Springs was looking for a new basketball team for his final year of NCAA eligibility after one season at Northern Illinois and two more at Milwaukee. But he wondered if he would ever get there. Growing up just outside Chicago, in Waukegan, Ill., he dreamed of receiving a scholarship offer from a Big Ten school. He is expected to make his fifth consecutive start against the Hawkeyes after coming off the bench for the first 10 weeks of the season.”It’s hard as a fifth-year senior when you come late and you want to get acclimated right away,” Pitino said. But it’s taken him half a season to get to that point.The Gophers recruited him as a graduate transfer because they wanted an older guard and a shooter as a one-year bridge before two highly touted guard recruits arrive on campus next fall. They asked how they could help and offered their support.”The way this coaching staff and these teammates reached out to me made it feel like home,” Springs said.Soon after, he committed to the Gophers, where the 6-foot-4, 220-pound guard is the lone senior on a resurgent team with NCAA tournament aspirations.In the five months since Springs arrived on the U campus in September, he has become one of the most valuable players for the Gophers (16-7, 4-6 Big Ten), who play host to Iowa (14-10, 6-5) Wednesday night at Williams Arena. Pitino sat Springs down before the season and explained that it would take time before Springs fully understood the system and that he had a lot of catching up to do.He came off the bench in the Gophers’ first 19 games, surprising opposing coaches with his long-range shooting.”What’s his face … He said he hopes to follow in the footsteps of his parents.His father, Dwayne, helps train and mentor youth athletes in Chicago, often bringing Springs to AAU tournaments to give motivational speeches. It never came.He spent his first year at Northern Illinois before transferring to Milwaukee, where he stayed the past three years.As a junior last season, his Milwaukee team visited Williams Arena and came away with a 74-65 victory over the Gophers in December. he’s a heck of a weapon,” Ohio State coach Thad Matta said last month after Springs scored 18 points off the bench against the Buckeyes.Springs has shown this season — especially lately — that he belongs in the Big Ten, and he has averaged 11 points in 10 conference games. Brad Rempel / USA TODAY SportsMINNEAPOLIS — “Funny story,” Akeem Springs says. “That’s why I’m getting my master’s.”At times, his younger teammates will complain in the locker room about their academic workload, causing Springs to laugh.”They come to me telling me, ‘Oh, man, I’ve got a paper due,'” Springs said.

The Cracker Barrel: Grandpa’s trunk

The curve of the lid reaches up an additional five inches. From the floor to the underside of the lid it’s 14 inches tall. Much as she must have hated to part with her sons, Johanna offered her trunk to Jacob, who brought it with him to the new world.Jacob settled in Preston Township, North Dakota, where he married Mary Bryne and established Poplar Grove Farm, which remains in the family today. Built of what appears to be pine, it measures just under 30 inches long and 15 inches wide. On the front of the trunk, in faded white paint, are the initials J M E and a date: 1864.The trunk, we are told, originally belonged to my wife’s maternal great-grandmother, Johanna Margrethe Eliasdotter, and was made as a betrothal gift for her by her husband-to-be, Lars Christian Jonsen Birklid, before they were married in 1867. We are, whether we wish to accept the fact or not, a nation of immigrants.Collections of Craig Nagel’s columns are available at To imagine doing it with a single wooden trunk, containing little more than three and a half cubic feet of space, staggers the mind!Since trunks were piled in the hold of the ship and presumably not accessible during the voyage, immigrants of Jacob’s era must have made do with very few changes of clothes and little by way of entertainment.A simple but clever hand-forged lock and key kept the contents of the trunk safe from pilferage, and the fact that it had a rounded top kept it from being crushed at the bottom of the pile – but the act of putting your entire worldly goods into a trunk the size of a suitcase and sailing off to a new world remains astonishing.But that’s how most American families got planted here. The trunk is clearly handmade, though its form is shapely and rather elegant, with a curved lid made of two wide boards that must have been steamed and then bent to form the curve. Originally settled by Lapps, the farm had been in the Birklid family’s keeping since 1780.But a hundred years later people had begun talking about what it might be like to emigrate to America, where land was rumored to be plentiful and much easier to work.So it was that, in 1893, the two oldest Birklid sons, Eilert and Jacob, chose to leave Norway and seek their fortunes in the United States. It must have been used to hold clothing or linens when the couple took up housekeeping at Lars’ family’s farm, Birkeli, a few miles north of the Arctic Circle and south of the town of Bodo.Given the fact that the North Atlantic Current warms the western coast of Norway and that the farm stands at an elevation of some 200 feet above sea level, temperatures there don’t get nearly as cold as they do farther inland, but Birkeli couldn’t have been an easy farm to work.Not reachable by dependable roads and cut off from all conveniences, the land is essentially mountainous, much of it consisting of upthrust rock. IllustrationIn our house, off to one end of the dining room table sits an old wooden trunk. The boards are three-quarters of an inch thick and give evidence of once being painted Norwegian blue. The youngest of their nine children, Myrtle, inherited the trunk, and eventually passed it on to her daughter, my wife Claire, which is how the trunk ended up in our house.From time to time we have marveled at the courage an immigrant must have to leave the known world and venture across the seas to a new one.