Pine River: Council declares April 17 Wanda Mongan Day

Sauvageau would like to build high end rental units on the property.• Discussed a revolving loan for Al Bauman. In November 2013, the city of Backus also de-federalized revolving loan funds by transferring city revolving loans to the Cass County EDC.The loan funds cannot be directly transferred to the LDO, but instead the city transfers money to the LDO as it is paid back on existing loans. Transfer of these funds to an LDO effectively reduces these limitations. This vacation could increase values of those properties, as well as taxes. The money the LDO holds can then be lent according to the city’s own standards.There were no public comments on the LDO transfer.The council also held a public hearing on the vacation of a section of Third Street north of Jefferson. The first public hearing concerned transferring city revolving loan funds to the Cass County Economic Development Corporation acting as a Local Development Organization. It was noted that there may be utilities running under that section of the street, and if so, any building permits requested over those utilities would be denied in the future.The resident in question did not oppose vacation of the section of street, and the vacation was approved.In other business, the council:• Informed Nathan Sauvageau of the required information he will need to provide the council in order to vacate an alleyway adjoining property he owns near the school. This is a fairly common practice used to reduce the number of limitations on uses for the funds.Some revolving loans the city holds have federal limitations that are not realistic for some smaller businesses, thus limiting the numbers of qualifying applicants. The declaration came at the conclusion of the council’s regular meeting, during which two public hearings were held. It was determined that the council is willing to issue a loan to Bauman up to the value of any collateral Bauman can produce.• Asked city attorney Ted Lundrigan to handle legal documents for city revolving loans. The council explained that part of the street would be tacked onto the properties owned on either side of the section being vacated. The bank holding the loan previously managed such documents. Former clerk Wanda Mongan was honored with a plaque and key in addition to a declaration of Wanda Mongan day March 14.1 / 2Former clerk Wanda Mongan was honored with a plaque and key in addition to a declaration of Wanda Mongan day March 14.2 / 2To honor former city clerk Wanda Mongan’s 32 years of service to the city of Pine River, the Pine River City Council declared April 17 as Wanda Mongan Day during its March 14 meeting. The council has discussed vacation of the street since October, when the school gave the section of the street back to the city.The section in question is unmaintained. One property owner at the public hearing said he had assumed some of it was part of his lawn and had been mowing it.The same resident requested information on the specific details of the vacation. When it was determined that the bank would no longer manage the documents, the city decided to ask Lundrigan to create the documents as a significant cost savings over contracting with Cass County attorneys.• Approved removal of Mongan from the city bank accounts and addition of the new deputy clerk.

Seven to vie for Miss Pine River title April 1

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. The Pine River Chamber of Commerce sponsors the annual pageant. The theme is “Fairytale Evening.” Contestants are:• Brianna Adkins, junior, the daughter of Kyle and Lori Adkins.• Avery Cunningham, senior, the daughter of Christopher and Karla Cunningham.• Sydney Davidson, junior, the daughter of Emily LeBlanc and James Davidson.• Veronica Hulke, junior, the daughter of Katherine and LeRoy Hulke.• Tara Huston, junior, the daughter of Lindsey Huston.• Briana Siltman, junior, the daughter of Danyel and Danny Soukup.• Emma Mills, junior, the daughter of Pam and Dennis Mills.Contestants will have personal interviews Saturday afternoon, April 1, and at the pageant they will be judged in business casualwear, talent and evening gown.Miss Pine River will receive a $1,000 scholarship; first princess will receive a $500 scholarship; second princess will receive a $400 scholarship; and Miss Congeniality will receive a $100 scholarship.Current royalty includes Miss Pine River Rachel Burns, who also is Miss Congeniality; First Princess Shelby Adkins; and Second Princess Sam Maurer.Pageant chair is Barb Klocke. Seven girls seek the title of Miss Pine River: Brianna Adkins, Avery Cunningham, Sydney Davidson, Veronica Hulke, Tara Huston, Emma Mills, and Briana Siltman.1 / 8Tara Huston2 / 8Veronica Hulke3 / 8Brianna Adkins4 / 8Avery Cunningham5 / 8Emma Mills6 / 8Briana Siltman7 / 8Sydney Davidson8 / 8The 38th annual Miss Pine River Scholarship Pageant will be at 7 p.m. Saturday, April 1, in the Pine River-Backus High School gym with seven girls seeking the title.

Positively Beautiful: Health and wellness trends popping up everywhere

So much sugar is sneaking into almost everything we eat, even non-obvious culprits like pasta sauce and salad dressing.Excessive sugar consumption raises your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses.These new labels will help us become much more mindful about how much sugar we’re actually consuming. Part of being a good teacher is being willing to learn new things. Susan Mathison founded Catalyst Medical Center in Fargo and created Tech, health and fitness are colliding in all kinds of exciting ways.Orangetheory Fitness is one example of a company that provides high-intensity workouts featuring a heart monitor that tracks how “hard” you’re actually working. It was a bit scary at first, but when I got used to it, I was very relaxed and even dozed off.Tech-driven fitnessDoesn’t it seem like everyone is suddenly wearing a FitBit monitor to track their daily activities, or checking their daily steps on a smartphone pedometer app?Soon clothing will come with all kinds of embedded monitors. They’re opening a brand new Orangetheory studio in a new city, every single day for one year. You’re sweet enough as it is.Dr. Susan Mathison, Positively Beautiful columnistThe original Latin meaning of the word “doctor” is “to teach.”As a physician, I consider myself to be an educator. A “float session” may help to alleviate anxiety and depression and promote deeper sleep.I tried an early version of this during college. (Yes, we’ve even got one in Fargo.)New FDA labelsIn the future, labels on your food and drinks will look different. I love teaching my patients about their medical, surgical and cosmetic options, as well as helping them choose the best treatment to get the results they want. Well, there are several kinds.Arthritis is a type of inflammation that affects your joints and bones. Inflammatory bowel disease needs no explanation. Sound like fun?Flotation tanks (also called “flotation therapy tanks” or “sensory deprivation tanks”) are popping up in Los Angeles, New York City, Brooklyn and other major cities.Flotation fans swear that it’s an incredibly relaxing experience; no light, no sound and a soothing feeling of weightlessness can be very meditative. And many others.Research shows that switching to a clean, minimally processed diet can dramatically reduce the amount of inflammation in your body and can help reduce — or even reverse and cure — many types of diseases.Food manufacturers are hopping on the anti-inflammation train with protein bars, bottled drinks and tea blends packed with inflammation-fighting ingredients like goldenberry, turmeric and ginger. In the medical industry innovations emerge constantly, so it’s important to be a “lifelong learner” and stay on top of all the latest trends, like these:Inflammation-fighting foodsYou’ve probably heard that inflammation isn’t good for your body, but what is inflammation? Expect to see a whole slew of new inflammation-fighting products hitting the grocery store shelves.And don’t forget to eat plenty of whole foods like leafy greens, broccoli, bok choy, celery, beets, blueberries, pineapple, wild caught salmon, bone broth, walnuts, coconut oil, flax and chia seeds.Flotation therapyImagine sealing yourself into a pitch-black chamber, stark naked and then floating in a shallow pool of water infused with Epsom salts for 30 to 60 minutes. Email her at The calorie and serving size numbers will be much bigger, and you’ll see a new section about “added sugar” in the product.The redesigned label will be mandatory on all packaged foods by summer 2018, but you might see certain companies rolling out the new labels sooner than that.I’m definitely in favor of these new labeling standards, because here in America, we have a serious sugar problem. Dr. Asthma happens when your lungs become irritated and inflamed. Those sugar grams adds up quickly, and really, you don’t need them.

Women’s Lenten Retreat set March 30 in Nisswa

The Brainerd Deanery of the Council of Catholic Women will hold its annual Lenten Retreat starting at 9:30 a.m. Guest speaker will be newly ordained Deacon Mike Eisenbraun, of St. with lunch to follow. James Catholic Church, Aitkin. For more information, call Dolores at 218-549-3158 or Joan at 218-678-2836. The afternoon will consist of Reconciliation, Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament and Holy Hour.Registration is $10, and registrations are due by Friday, March 24. Christopher’s Catholic Church, 25574 Church St., Nisswa. Deacon Eisenbraun will speak on “Amazing Grace.”Mass will be at 11 a.m. Thursday, March 30, at St.

Letter to the editor: Respect for our flag

During the past month, a letter to the editor contributor, A. Martin, has taken the pen to ridicule our government and our national ensign. While we veterans and Legionnaires respect and defend the right to express an opinion, we also reserve our right to take umbrage to the disparagement of our flag.In a recent letter, the writer stated in part, referring to a statement made by President Reagan commenting on the wall in Berlin, that it “brought a chill and goosebumps to flag wavers who really don’t understand why they’re waving one.”Trust us, we know why we’re waving our flag.The preamble to our Constitution states, in part, we “safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy” and “to foster and perpetuate a 100 percent Americanism.”We are reminded of the 26 cemeteries overseas where our fallen heroes, who placed themselves in harm’s way to insure our freedom, are buried; our local cemeteries where flags are planted on Memorial Day; and the draped coffins of those for whom we conduct military funerals.We do understand why we stand, salute and wave our flag, as should all Americans.Pequot Lakes American Legion Post 49Crosslake-Fifty Lakes American Legion Post 500

Klobuchar’s staff to visit Pequot Tool March 29

U.S. Wednesday, March 29. Amy Klobuchar’s office will kick off its Minnesota Workforce Tour with a visit to Pequot Tool and Manufacturing in Jenkins at 4 p.m. The tour serves as an opportunity for Klobuchar’s staff to meet with local business and education leaders across central and northern Minnesota to discuss initiatives that help bridge the skills gap and boost regional economies.The Minnesota two-day Workforce Tour begins Tuesday, March 28, and includes stops in Duluth, Grand Rapids, Cass Lake, Bemidji, Hibbing and Brainerd, along with Pequot Tool and Manufacturing.All meetings are open to the public.In 2015, Klobuchar, D-Minn., successfully pushed for a $5 million grant from the Department of Labor to strengthen partnerships between community colleges and local businesses. Klobuchar will also soon introduce the bipartisan American Apprenticeship Act, which would create and expand tuition assistance programs for participants in pre-apprenticeship and registered apprenticeship programs. Sen.

Pine River-Backus: School board to discuss solar project in April

The board will hear from officials involved in planning for the project, particularly in regard to an investor. PR-B is one of several school districts exploring the possibility of pairing with several entities, including Region 5 and the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance to construct solar arrays to provide renewable sources of energy.The proposed projects would have little or no cost to the district, but requires a tax credit investor.The board also discussed its remodel and renovation project to update the high school entryway and offices. IllustrationDuring the Monday, March 20, Pine River-Backus School Board meeting, superintendent Dave Endicott announced that next month the board will learn more about a solar project that could provide the school’s electricity in the future. The board will hear from officials involved in planning for the project, particularly in regard to an investor. The board approved posting for bids for the project.In other business, the board:• Approved a curriculum review cycle.• Gave a second reading of the post-issuance debt compliance policy.• Accepted resignation of Susan Harrison, paraprofessional and authorized posting for a replacement.• Approved overnight field trips for both grades six and eight. PR-B is one of several school districts exploring the possibility of pairing with several entities, including Region 5 and the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance to construct solar arrays to provide renewable sources of energy.

Letter to the editor: For everything bad, thank a Republican

ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act after 100 years of Republican obstruction. Imagine: Your husband-wife-son-friend is drunk as a skunk. If you still think Trump cares, that’s a serious case of insanity.A. Republicans gave us the economic Great Recession. In Minnesota, a balanced budget and restored education funding after more than eight Republican years of a continuing $4.5 billion deficit and cutting education funding.(Democrats couldn’t give us a “foreign-born president,” however!)Republicans gave us Trump, a four-letter word.”Trump-Care?” Does Trump actually care? Republicans gave us the war crime of Iraq. Republicans defend Saudi Arabia in exchange for oil, even though 15 of 19 9-11 hijackers were Saudi!What have Democrats given us? (None of them provide satisfactory definitions of “god.”)Republicans gave us climate change denial. How many times do they have to be drunk before you admit they’re alcoholic and need intervention?Likewise, how many “once-in-a-thousand-years” weather disasters must hit you in the face, hit all of us in just one decade, before you admit we’re experiencing man-made climate damage? Eight years of the cleanest government of my lifetime. Republicans gave us “gitmo:” Guantanamo Prison and torture facility. Minnesota homeowner insurance costs are skyrocketing.Republican leaders have given us one harmful decision after another. Republicans gave us a bonus war crime of Afghanistan. If you thought that, you were weak-minded. One after another.Minnesota, snow country, has bare ground. Republicans gave us cops out of control everywhere. Republicans, asleep and in denial, led to 9-11. They’re immoral, listening to corporations (wealthy) to get their “morals,” then hiding behind the Bible, blaming it all on God, whatever that is. Republicans gave us the war criminal reputation as torturers in Abu Ghraib and dozens of other places. Martin,Merrifield March 13: the East Coast is getting blasted again by another blizzard. Again!

Mayor’s Notebook: Crosslake busy with comp plan update

The newly updated comp plan will help clarify and give direction to those goals and how we can accomplish what is best for Crosslake and its citizens.It is exciting to be a part of Crosslake’s growth, and I look forward to sharing this time with you.This article reflects my perspectives and opinions and NOT the council as a whole. They include:• Enhance the unique ecology of Crosslake.• Create vibrant places that connect people with nature.• Better balance facilities for driving, biking, boating and walking.• Provide a diverse mix of housing types and prices.• Celebrate Crosslake’s heritage.So, based on those principles – the education, housing, medical, environmental, connectivity, economic vitality, infrastructure, history, recreation, tourism and shared community vision – will be woven throughout the update of the city’s comprehensive plan.The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee appointed by the city consists of Aaron Herzog and Jon Kolstad, Crosslake planning and zoning; Leah Heggerston and Jan Pierce, residents; Dean Fitch, president of Economic Development Authority; Linda Randall, Crosslake business owner; Gary Heacox, Crosslake City Council; and Patty Norgaard, Crosslake Mayor. So if you have questions or concerns, stop in at city hall, Wednesdays from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m., for a cup of coffee or just to chat. These include water quality, protecting the environment, retaining our “up north” appeal, a great school, a 12-month healthy economy, housing, parks and trails, just to name a few.As we begin our meetings with NJPA, the leading themes will stem from the guiding principles established by the MDT, and those themes will be integrated throughout the document. The current city comp plan is on our website, and I would encourage you to read it.You will see that our community still values the same quality of life as became evident during the Minnesota Design Team (MDT) project that took place last summer. The last update was approved in 2008. And as part of the process, we need to be as transparent as possible, keeping our community involved and “in the know.” So watch for periodic updates on our city website and upcoming community meetings.Over the years, you have heard me talk about “investing in Crosslake,” and this project is definitely a part of creating a vision and building a future for Crosslake. However, I will be out of town April 19 to spend Easter with family. At the Feb. 13 Crosslake City Council meeting, the council voted unanimously to retain the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) to help us update the city’s comprehensive plan. Ashley Kaisershot, planning and zoning specialist from NJPA will lead the effort).The Steering Committee’s responsibilities will include:• Providing guidance through the entirety of the process.• Advising the consultant in reviewing data in addition to developing and reviewing goals, policies and draft documents.• Providing comment and input during all the project phases and civic engagement meetings and components.• Identifying issues and concerns during the project development process and for the project as a whole.• Encouraging community consensus and stakeholder participation during civic engagement events.• Promoting awareness, participation and supporting the mission of the project.• Representing broad community interests.• Acting in an advisory capacity to the planning commission and city council.As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts involved with updating the city plan. In many ways Crosslake has seen dramatic changes, and in some ways it has remained the same.

Veeder: Motherhood means holding on tight as you’re letting go

Readers can reach her at Two. And then there was the push and pull I felt in my gut, the tug-of-war of wanting them to go higher, to see what the cows look like from up there, but willing them to be careful.Oh child, don’t you know what could happen!?I guess that’s what motherhood is. Threeeee!!….”Jessie Veeder is a musician and writer living with her husband and daughter on a ranch near Watford City, N.D. Now if only she could convince her momma.The stomp of six rubber boots kicked up the scent of summer dust trapped inside that feed pile combined with the squeals and chatter transported me to a time when I was as fearless and free, racing my cousin to the third tier of bales in the stack, declaring myself Queen of the World on top of her pyramid 20 feet in the air, with no regard for the scary consequences that could result from a slip.I couldn’t help but notice then the little twinges of worry that shot through my body as I watched those girls reach the top of their own pyramid. Two. Holding on tight as you’re letting go…Edie reached her arms out towards me, and I helped her off the top of that bale and then walked her over to where her grandparents and daddy were watching by the road.”C’mon,” I said to him as I ran back toward the hay yard, stripping off my jacket as I hoisted myself up to enter the race to see who could be the first to leap across 25.”One. Special to The Forum1 / 2Jessie Veeder, Coming Home columnist2 / 2″One. I stood holding Edie on my hip, both of us laughing as we watched her three cousins run and leap, making an obstacle course out of the hay yard, their blonde hair escaping from ponytails and flying up toward the blue sky in the wind.My middle niece sat down to take a rest on top of a bale, stripping off her winter jacket—the way kids do in the middle of an outdoor game when it’s too cold to go without a coat, but too warm for its restrictions on play.I lifted Edie up over my head to sit her next to her cousin and take in the view, my hands held tight around her little waist to hold her steady for a few short moments before my baby girl promptly reached down, grabbed my fingers with a little whine and pushed me away from her, trying to convince me to let her go.Apparently 16 months of growing on this earth is long enough to be ready to leap across the tops of five-foot tall hay bales on her own. Threeee!!!” She yelled before she launched herself from the top of one big round hay bale and over the mud-filled gap to the next, landing safely on her knees before scrambling up to her feet to continue her race down the rest of the row of hay. Jessie Veeder's 16-month-old daughter takes a photo atop hay bales with her three older cousins. She blogs at

Soothing spaces: How to create a cozier bedroom

Wall sconces on both sides of the bed are also good options.SeatingIn larger bedrooms, seating — such as a chair or bench at the end of the bed — adds interest. Hang rod on hooks or brackets. “You can do a medium or darker color in your room and have it look cozy, heavy, dark and dramatic and it will make you want to go to sleep. If I’m cold, I just fold the duvet back. “It should be one of the more expensive things you purchase.”Layering bedding — with a duvet as the base, and a coverlet, quilt or blanket folded at the end— adds texture and charm. Illustration3 / 4Modern style bedroom.4 / 4FARGO — While it might not be the first place people see, the bedroom is one space homeowners spend a third of their day, which is why a bedroom’s feel should be crafted intentionally. “It doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s,” Wilson says. Bright colors aren’t always as inviting.”There are two different ways to look at it,” Hill says. “Give it your own look.”Make your own ‘headboard’Adding curtains to the wall behind the bed creates a focal point (and a substitute for a headboard). It depends on the season,” says Jayne Wilson, another designer.LightingA bright overhead light isn’t ideal for winding down before bed. But Duval says even just one, rectangular pillow can add much-needed detail.Designers Wilson and Hill recommend having both a standard sham and a euro sham — a 26-inch square pillow — which adds layers to the bed.ScentsWhether it’s an oil or air diffuser, candle or linen spray, scents can have relaxing, soothing qualities in the bedroom. “It’s fun to stack books under one lamp to get the other to the same height again — creating that balance,” Hill says.Homeowners should incorporate style and trends in the bedroom that speak to them. Headboards frame a bed.”It’s important to have a headboard of some sort — or even create a gallery wall,” Duval says. “I like a grouping of smaller pictures or a big picture,” Duval says.Decorative pillowsFor some, too many pillows can be overwhelming. “Your body comes in contact with (linens) more than any other thing other than your clothing, if you think about it,” he says. Using the appropriate fasteners and tools, secure mounting hooks or brackets. On the other spectrum, you can go very light and muted and it will feel soft like a spa or an oasis.”Add charm to the bedroom with these interior design tips and tricks.BeddingBedding is key for not only appearance but practicality, which is why Hill recommends people spend a little extra money on high-end linens. It also comes in handy for getting dressed or somewhere to sit for for peace and privacy.Seating also means that if one spouse prefers to read while the other watches TV in the living room, one “can just escape to their bedroom suite,” Hill says.Headboards and artworkIn most cases, the bed is the largest piece of furniture in the room — therefore, the biggest focal point. A 3-D rendering of a contemporary elegant green luxury bedroom.1 / 4A 3-D illustration of a bedroom.2 / 4A hot relaxing cup of coffee with a book and flowers. For a more unique headboard, metal garden panels, vintage ceiling tiles and large art can make a statement. Available in woven, wood, stainless steel, leather and other materials, trays can be decorated with a stack of books, coffee cups or floral touches.”For those people who want to stay on-trend with the Pantone color — that’s greenery — they can bring in fresh (or fake) tulips next to the bed,” Hill says.Books can be used in other areas of the bedroom correct height differences in end tables. Lavender and vanilla scents, in particular, are known to relax the body and mind to improve sleep quality, according to detailsBreakfast trays on the end of the bed can add character and charm. For those without a four-poster canopy frame to work with, give this a try:Materials:• Drapery rod (depends on preference and width of bed, but 60- to 84-inches is recommended)• (2) mounting hooks or brackets• Necessary fasteners and tools• (2) 54- by 84-inch curtain panels (sheer recommended)Directions:Find wall studs; measure and mark two X’s matching the length of the bed, 2 to 4 inches from the ceiling. “You want it to be soothing with variations of light — not just the chandelier or the flush mount,” Hill says. As temperatures rise, reversing layers is practical. Tie curtain or thread rod through curtain hole. “Don’t be afraid to invest in your bedroom,” says Trever Hill, designer at McNeal & Friends, an interior design studio and lifestyle boutique in Fargo.By considering color, flow, furniture and other decorative touches, homeowners can create a personal sanctuary.”Colors have great effect on how we feel,” says Bree Duval, business manager at McNeal & Friends. “I personally have the quilt down because I get so hot at night.

Endometriosis is ‘expected agony’ for sufferers

Jon Dangerfield.The endometrium cells attach to other organs in the body, sometimes causing severe pain. The results showed her estrogen at the same level as a premenopausal woman.Endometriosis’ exact cause is not known although high levels of estrogen in the uterus are associated with the disease.At 19, Bauske was finally diagnosed with endometriosis when a doctor was suspicious that her pain could be due to an ovarian cyst. Some women with endometriosis will experience severe pelvic pain like Bauske or Heit; others will have no symptoms until issues like infertility are found later in life.”Often our patients with the most pain have a ‘peppering’ of endometriosis cells; sometimes those with significant disease will be asymptomatic, having little to no pain,” Dangerfield says.When asked about how she and her family deals with endometriosis day-to-day, Bauske has a simple answer.”I just deal with the pain because that’s life,” Bauske says. “When you can’t go to school or work because of the pain, it’s not normal.”Approximately one in 10 women are affected by endometriosis during their reproductive years, according to Heit, a 29-year-old Valley City resident and endometriosis sufferer, experiences cramps and flu-like symptoms that keeps her from work.”I sometimes take eight pills a day to feel ‘normal’,” Heit says.Heit was diagnosed with endometriosis in December 2016 during a laparoscopic surgery; this minimally invasive surgery is necessary to diagnose the chronic disease. “It’s hard because some doctors will say ‘oh it’s just cramps’ but when you really think about it, severe cramps aren’t normal,” says 25-year-old Fargo resident Kayla Bauske. For some, endometriosis will cause debilitating cramps before and during their menstrual cycle. With robotic technology, doctors like Dangerfield are able to remove endometrial cells and scar tissue from two small incisions: one usually hidden in the belly button and the other just above the hard pubic bone around the bikini line.”The procedure generally takes five to 10 minutes to diagnosis those who have small amounts of endometriosis,” Dangerfield says. During her first laparoscopic surgery the endometriosis was confirmed when they removed scar tissue from her small intestine.Two years after Bauske received her diagnosis, her sister Jessica Anderson had a laparoscopic surgery.”My sister and I had the same thoughts the day before the laparoscopies, ‘What if they don’t find anything? What if there is nothing there?’ ” Bauske says.The Bauske women are evidence of what some doctors are seeing clinically.”My radar for endometriosis goes up if a patient mentions that an immediate family member has the disease,” Dangerfield says.Bauske’s mother, Shelly, experienced the family’s most severe case of endometriosis when she was transported to the emergency room in 2015 after her lung collapsed due to endometrial scar tissue buildup in her small intestine. “We hope for the best and try to help each other deal with any complications as they happen.”More online: ” target=”_blank”> Those with the disease experience an agony that is hard to understand. “With advanced endometriosis, it can take a couple of hours.”After the surgery, a patient is usually fully recovered between three to seven days.Left untreated, endometriosis can lead to infertility and the removal of the ovaries. During Shelly’s emergency surgery, six inches of her small intestines were removed.Shortly after this incident, Bauske endured her second laparoscopic surgery to remove scar tissue; she agreed to the procedure quickly after seeing what untreated endometriosis did to her mother’s health.Laparoscopic surgery is used to diagnose and treat simultaneously. Currently no cure exists for endometriosis.”Endometriosis is a big fancy word for when the endometrium cells that are normally in the cavity of the uterus travel outside of it,” says Sanford OB/GYN Dr. Kayla Bauske (center), her sister and her mother have all been diagnosed with endometriosis. Special to Forum News Service FARGO — It’s not just a “painful period”—that’s what endometriosis sufferers would like others to know. Pain during intercourse, bowel movements, urination or excessive bleeding could also signal endometriosis.”Of those patients that we have a strong suspicion of endometriosis, we only find it 60 percent of the time,” Dangerfield says.Bauske first experienced intense pain on her left side at 14 years old, yet it took five years and three different doctors to confirm her endometriosis diagnosis.”When I was 14, they tested for an ectopic pregnancy and did an ultrasound,” Bauske says after she continued to inform her doctors of her continuous pain.At 16 years old, Bauske’s chiropractor tested her saliva.

Swift: Hairstyling technique not all it is wrapped up to be

Special to The Forum The photo on the left shows the "plopped" hair Tammy Swift was aiming for. On the right, the picture shows that while Tammy had plenty of frizz-free curls, her hair had dried into several odd formations and epic rooster tails.
As I resumed this ridiculous position, I folded and knotted the T-shirt to create a curl-friendly headwrap.As I surveyed my ploptastic kerchief in the mirror, I realized I looked exactly like those ’60s housewives who wrapped their beehives in toilet paper every night to protect their hair’s towering magnificence. Would I look like Beyonce — or Bea Arthur?I ran to the bathroom and ripped off the tee to find … 1 / 2Tammy Swift, columnist2 / 2Plop goes the hairstyle.As a curly-haired girl, I have searched high and low for ways to tame this unruly mane. Apparently, girls have been bragging about the benefits of (ick) plopped hair for the last few years. This technique — which involves folding wet hair into a T-shirt or microfiber towel in a specific way — allegedly gives you a headful of perfect, non-frizzy, well-defined spirals.Part of this is because T-shirts and microfiber, unlike terry cloth, won’t ruffle the hair’s cuticle, which means less frizz.In fact, plop culture has created all sorts of factions, with women swearing by diverse folding techniques, varying time frames and even different terminology (the technique is sometimes called “plunking,” which seems so much cooler than the disgusting alternative.)Naturally, I had to try it. The only thing I needed to complete my look was cold cream smeared on my face, a pizza-stained bathrobe and a diabetic cat in each arm.When the alarm rang the next morning, I couldn’t wait to see what my plop-and-fresh towel had incubated. Would I wind up making a Phil Spector-cle of myself? Yes, there were plenty of curls and no frizz, but my hair had dried into several odd formations, including a Princess Leia-style protuberance on the side I’d slept on and several epic rooster tails.Further research showed where I’d gone wrong. My locks have been straightened, slathered in expensive products, washed too much, washed too little, cut short, grown long, bathed in olive oil (at the suggestion of a curly hair “specialist”) and — when all else failed — covered with a stocking cap. The technique does give you volume and eliminates frizz. While my curls were still wet, I was advised to spread out a T-shirt on a flat surface, then to lean over it and lower my head down so that my hair coiled neatly onto the shirt. Also, it’s cool to find a hairstyling ritual that doesn’t involve a $60 hair appliance or overpriced product.It’s time to plop locks and drop it.Readers can reach columnist Tammy Swift at The Pinterest post didn’t tell me to apply hair product first, which might have provided the curls with more control and structure.I also slept all night in the turban, whereas other plunkers swear 20 to 40 minutes under the towel will get you optimal results.Even so, I will try it again. Basically, I’ve tried everything short of follicular homicide.So when I spotted a post on Pinterest (see it here about “plopping” one’s hair, I could not resist. Beyonce Arthur. And so I obediently followed the bare-bones Pinterest post, which directed me to wash my hair before going to bed.

Letter to the editor: Protecting our children

A recent one accuses Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos of trying to wreck our public school systems and make them less safe by introducing the idea of having qualified armed staff or volunteers present. The same is likely true of any other school shootings in our country.It is interesting to observe how the radical left seems to think that having trained, qualified people able to protect our children with deadly force if necessary, is somehow dangerous to the children. Several Readers’ Viewpoints coming from the left-wing losers since the very decisive victory of President Trump have been largely comical and full of misinformation. The provision states that such a person must have written permission from the facility director, the member of the school administration who is in charge of school functions and school safety.So there is a very good chance that some Minnesota public or private schools have already taken the step to provide effective security for school children. The writer fails to mention that Minnesota law already allows for such a step to be taken, and Betsy DeVos has had nothing to do with it.The Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act became law in 2003, and has a very simple provision for allowing people with a Minnesota Permit to Carry to be armed while on K-12 public or private school grounds, in school buildings or at school events. This writer’s viewpoints make as much sense as his criticism of the excellent, common sense viewpoints of columnist Pete Abler.Tom Lund,Longville Other states have similar standards and several have been providing such security.If properly equipped staff had been at the front door of the Red Lake School on March 21, 2005, only the attacker would have died.

The Last Windrow: Spring at last

It is time for it to be gone. It is time for it to be gone. The last vestiges of the glacier that has taken over my driveway since last December gradually is ebbing into the lowland below our house. Two full white adults accompanied by three young. The sound can be startling.I’ll soon be taking my bird feeders down. I can now find a stump, brush off the acorn hulls that the red squirrels have left at their dining table and sit for a time seeing and hearing the signs of the new spring.Somewhere in the bush a ruffed grouse has found a dead and decaying log, and the gray phase rooster grouse has decided to call a mate by beating its wings against its side quarters. The sound reminds me of the sound when our old farm neighbor, Marion DeRaad, would start up his Model “B” John Deere a quarter mile from our farmyard. Two full-grown pines have lost their tops, one landing on top of our house’s roof. I hope the bird doesn’t seek such a bug under the cedar siding of our home.The glacier in our driveway is retreating slowly, but spring is now here and the ice sheet has no excuse to stay on. Too many days while the glacier has existed have been spent trying not to slip on it, thus threatening to knock my artificial hip out of place. The bear has visited our yard two years in a row, and when it leaves there are crushed and broken bird feeders strewn everywhere.Two years ago my wife heard a noise outside the kitchen just after dark. The bird’s drumming reminds me of that sound.This grouse has somehow avoided being dinner for a hungry fox or owl through the winter. The drivers would usually respond by pulling the string to their air horn giving a blast across the countryside.Swans that come up behind you silently and then honk as they pass overhead remind me of those livestock truck drivers. A 6-footer I would guess.Only lighting a whole string of firecrackers and tossing them out a window would send the bear flying off the deck. I do this as the glacier leaves my driveway because I know that soon the bear that slumbers behind our house through the winter will be waking up with a taste for breakfast in its head. There will be a repair bill in store for sure. I hope he finds a Miss Grouse somewhere out there.A family of trumpeter swans comes honking out of the low marsh from the west. Bruin crash through the brush in the opposite direction. But this one has made it through. Their calls reminded me of a time as a kid when I would stand on the gravel road that ran along our farmyard and give the horn honk arm sign to passing semi truck drivers. I watched as wood chips flew from the tree as the woodpecker drilled its way to some unseen bug or grub. The big-billed bird stuck itself to a rotted tree trunk a few yards away from me like a strip of Velcro. But the spring sun has now become high enough to evaporate this remnant of a for-the-most-part gentle north country winter.The sun feels good on my back as I stroll through the trail behind our house. Spring came this week. It will be at least seven months until it might reappear. Branches and limbs lay strewn everywhere, and I found one large jackpine tree lying across one trail just over the hill. The bear’s head was under the window and its rear end was blocking the door. Spring came this week. With little snow on the ground, a ruffed grouse in winter has a target on its back. He didn’t come back.The ravages of the December ice storm appear as the ice leaves our driveway. It is a good time of the year.See you next time. IllustrationThe last vestiges of the glacier that has taken over my driveway since last December gradually is ebbing into the lowland below our house. I grinned as I heard Mr. When we turned on the outdoor lights we were greeted with the sight of a huge black bear lying flat on its belly on our deck, lapping up sunflower seeds from the now detached and broken feeder. The chainsaw was needed to clear it from the trail so that I can walk unimpeded.A pileated woodpecker came bobbing through the trees as I sat admiring my chainsaw work. Okay?

Cook: Late-ice lake trout prove cooperative

— When you lean back in your chair and tilt your face to the sun, you can almost believe you’re in Mazatlan. Now comes a cry from 30 yards across the lake.”Doc’s got one on,” one of my partners shouts.Lake trout fishing is something of a communal affair the way we do it. We release some smaller fish, but we prefer to drop some of these bright orange fillets onto a grill or into a skillet, dolloped with butter and lemon slices.The fish are just part of the allure of this venture. Decent, although certainly not fast fishing. Another, the high is in the mid-teens, and the wind is so fierce that if you stand up, your little folding chair might go clattering down the ice.It is difficult to exaggerate the beauty of this wild country, and thank goodness some folks were wise enough long ago to set it aside in perpetuity. You’re fishing for lake trout on Saganaga Lake in March at the end of the Gunflint Trail northwest of Grand Marais.Five of us have made this mid-March trout fling to the edge of the deserted canoe country. But, no.It’s a raven sawing the air with its shiny wings, and your chair is sitting atop 25 inches of solid ice. Part of the appeal of lake trout fishing, though, is that the next fish might be a 10- or 15-pounder, a true giant for inland waters in our neck of the woods.And all lake trout fight as if their lives depend on it, which, of course, is the case. High fives all around.The hole attendants trundle back to their own lines, confidence renewed by their partner’s success. The jigging resumes.The rocks and the pines and the distant ridges act as if they have seen it all before.Sam Cook is a Duluth News Tribune columnist and outdoors writer. Each day, we travel as far as we can by snow machine, towing big sleds loaded with smaller sleds and all our fishing gear. Silence returns. No power augers are permitted where we go — into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness — and we often two-man the augers for efficiency.Quiet countryWe disperse, always within sight of one another, and retreat into our largely solitary worlds. The lakes are now almost snow-free, a result of the spring meltdown. The fish yields. A good 3 pounds. Reach him at (218) 723-5332 or It is not a numbers game.The fish we catch are from about 15 or 16 inches up to 25 inches. We always fish in the open. The sun’s warmth seeps deep into your cheeks, and all you can smell is the sunscreen you smeared on earlier. We wait for the lake trout and stare at distant ridges where jack pines are making a comeback after the 2007 Ham Lake fire swept through.What we do not observe is just as meaningful. Find his Facebook page at or his blog at No evidence of anything at all except the slow hand of nature.One day, temperatures spike in the mid-40s. We hitch ourselves to the small sleds and march down the lake, snaking between islands and portaging a small riffle of open water in a narrows.Ice cleats help. No cell towers. Once, jigging away, two of us watch an otter hop-hop-and-belly-glide across a narrows. Someone’s fishing rod is bowing to the fish gods again. But then, lake trout fishing through the ice is rarely fast. The ice below, though, remains solid. It’s a native, as all of these lake trout are, swimming deep in lakes still cold and pure enough to support the species.Maybe a big oneIn one full day and a couple half-days, we’ll land about 15 lake trout. t03.19.2017 — Sam Cook — 032617.C.DNT.SamC1 — A chunky lake trout from the end of the Gunflint Trail this past week. No docks. No cabins. Even with two feet of ice on the lakes, they’re thinking about starting a family.Fish on!Oh, look. Somewhere 50 or 60 feet down, a lake trout has latched onto a Slender spoon or a tube jig or a soft-plastic Fluke and is not happy about it. We’re based at Mike Berg’s Seagull Creek Fishing Camp near the end of the Gunflint Trail, roughly 2,300 miles north of Mazatlan.I’m slowly lifting and dropping a white tube jig tipped with a chunk of cisco 63 feet below the ice, hoping that a silver-dappled laker will notice. Another day, coming out, we all see a pair of eagles rise from the ice and fly together to a bulky nest in a dead pine. When it gets close to the surface, someone reaches bare hands into ice-water and ushers the fish flopping into brilliant daylight. Nobody uses a shelter. It’s a beauty, somewhere over 20 inches, maybe 22 inches long. The country itself is worth the effort. No lake homes. You half-expect to look up and see a pelican gliding by. Sam Cook / scook@duluthnews.comSAGANAGA LAKE, GUNFLINT TRAIL, Minn. When any one of us hooks a fish, the others typically come a-runnin’ to spectate, yank the fish-finder’s transducer from the hole or to scoop the fish out of the water.Doc cranks. The committee convenes.”Feel like a good one?””Are you gaining on him?””Here he comes!”And he’s out — 5 or 6 pounds of lake trout writhing and gleaming in the afternoon sunlight. Now its head is in the hole. When we shut off the machines, the silence of the backcountry wraps around us.

Pequot Lakes senior earns Eagle Scout award

An award ceremony was held at the Pelican Lakes Conservation Club on Saturday, Feb 25.Hoffman will attend Wartburg College in Iowa to pursue a music degree. Pictured, from left: Parents Mark and Ginger Hoffman, Kyle Hoffman and Scoutmaster Jeff Benson.Pequot Lakes senior Kyle Hoffman achieved the rank of Eagle Scout as a member of Troop 102 from Pequot Lakes, which is chartered to the American Legion Post #49. 25, at Pelican Lakes Conservation Club. His Eagle Scout project involved enhancing the pray trail at Timberwood Church by adding benches and landscaping.Eagle Scout is the highest rank within the Boy Scouts of America, an accomplishment only 4 percent of all scouts earn. Kyle Hoffman accepts his Eagle Scout Award during a ceremony Saturday, Feb.

Faith: A Good Friday in America’s history

I have a bit of history trivia for you. It was significant for another reason. Hence people called it a Black Easter.Perhaps there is something going on in your life that weighs heavy on you as you approach another Easter – the kind of burden that might influence you to label this coming Easter as “black.” It could be the recent suicide of a loved one. It means your sins are paid in full and that the door to eternal life has been opened for you when you place your trust and confidence in His blood shed for you.With that Good News you need never have a “black” Easter. Most of us my age (60s), when we were children in elementary school, were taught about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Just five days prior, the Civil War ended on Sunday, April 9, 1865, with the signing of the surrender between Gen. The mood in Washington, D.C., was celebrative, to say the least.Lincoln was shot on the following Friday night at about 10:15 p.m. The name “Black” was attached to Easter in 1865 because Lincoln died on Saturday, April 15, the day before Easter, at 7:22 a.m.It was difficult for preachers to proclaim the joy of the resurrection victory of Christ while the nation was in mourning over the death of its first president ever to die by an assassin’s bullet. Are any of you trivia enthusiasts? Grant and Gen. Now let’s consider the question of when.The assassination of Lincoln occurred at a pivotal point in our country’s history. Ulysses S. Or maybe you are struggling with severe pain or caring for someone in that condition.Or you might be feeling the hurt of broken relationships. He cried out in victory, “It is finished!” (John 19:30).That makes all the difference. Addiction of one kind or another might be wreaking havoc in your life. He managed to pull that off.And if you were questioned as to the place of the murder, again, most of you know that it took place at Ford’s Theater. Whatever your situation, I want you to remember the dying words of two famous individuals – and note the contrast!It took 12 days for justice to catch up with John Wilkes Booth. Depression may be dragging you down. Robert E. Perhaps you enjoy watching “Jeopardy” on TV. I learned through reading this book that Easter Sunday was given a unique name in that year of 1865: Black Easter.In liturgical church circles black is the traditional color for Ash Wednesday and Good Friday – not the color for Easter, which is white. So special a Friday it was that it has a name of its own: Good. And here we are, 152 years later, and it so happens that this year April 14 falls on Good Friday also.So what?Not long ago I read the book “Killing Lincoln-The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever” by Bill O’Reilly. When he was shot in the neck while he took refuge in a tobacco-drying barn, he was eventually taken into custody, and lived for a few hours after he was shot.The last word from his lips, as he gazed at his hands, was “useless.” Such is that assassin’s self-assessment of his life’s meaning and purpose.But when Jesus breathed His last, He said something far different on that first Good Friday. If you were quizzed on the name of Lincoln’s killer, you probably recall the name of John Wilkes Booth.Booth was an actor with narcissistic attributes who wanted to make a name for himself; a name that would be remembered down through the ages. The date was April 14. Or maybe you like the challenge of participating in trivia games. Lee at the Appomattox Court House in Virginia.On a collective level, the nation was relieved that the slaying and wounding of so many men on both sides of the war had finally ceased.

Nisswa: Comprehensive plan visioning session set April 18 – survey results summarized

Survey respondents want to see a coordinated and cooperative effort by the public, private and institutional sectors for maintaining and improving the social, economic and physical aspect of Nisswa’s downtown. Residents support expanding on-street and off-street trail networks to improve connectivity throughout the community.Nisswa residents acknowledged that natural resources are one of the single most cherishedassets. Tuesday, April 18, at Grand View Lodge. Fifty-six percent of survey respondents noted that city services are effectively provided, and 47 percent report that there are adequate collector and frontage roads throughout the city.Respondents noted the importance of alternative transportation modes (walking, biking, etc.) and associated infrastructure (83 percent).DowntownThe Central Business District plays a critical role in Nisswa’s identity. These actions should ensure that precautions are taken to preserve the community character.A diverse economy provides employment and investment opportunities. Residents support cooperative efforts to increase public beach accessNatural resourcesArea lakes, rivers and streams can be described as the most cherished asset of thecommunity. Residents strongly support preservation of open spaces, natural resources and theenvironment for future generation. Citizens support efforts to create places where people, especially young people, do not want to leave. Residents also support exploration of industry recruitment options (46 percent) and avoiding big-box related business.HousingStrong neighborhoods will preserve the quality of life for all residents. In addition to preserving critical open space and providing important transportation options, trails and greenways attract visitors from near and far. Survey participants (60 percent) have noted a “neutral” response on the city’s efforts in supporting entrepreneurs and new businesses.Transportation/infrastructureNisswa has a strong transportation network and is served by both county and state highways. Trails and green space are important community amenities that spur economic development, and residents have noted open space as a cherished asset.Residents support the efforts of expanding not only trail networks, but support enhancements to the existing network as well as new connections. By doing this, the city would balance the built and naturalenvironment.Eighty percent of residents indicated that they would implement best management practices to help improve water quality and preserve the shoreland. Lakes and natural resources enhance the quality of life for its residents and visitors. Fifty-one percent of survey respondents “agree” that more affordable housing options are needed.Park, trails and open spaceNisswa’s parks, trail networks and open spaces are some of the city’s greatest assets. Fifty percent of survey respondents feel there is not an adequate supply of quality housing choices for people of all ages, incomes and stages of life. Residents support coordinated efforts to develop diverse housing types that will meet the changing housing needs and preferences. Respondents support efforts in preserving Nisswa’s unique sense of place, downtown environment and natural resources, as well as support the preservation and continuance of community events that engage all Nisswa residents during tourist season.Natural resource preservation: Residents support a collaborative effort between citizens, the city and area lake associations to protect, preserve and improve the quality of its natural resources (natural features, forest tracts, lakes, rivers, streams and environmentally sensitive areas, etc.) for future generations.Economic development: Communities are realizing the economic potential of trails as highly desirable destinations that bring dollars to the places they serve. Community residents encourage the improvement of walkability efforts that enhance the pedestrian experience throughout the community and within the downtown realm.Economic developmentNisswa has a strong, thriving downtown environment during the summer months, which is an important component to economic development. Respondents also noted the importance of wayfinding and signage for new and existing trail users.Housing: The social and economic impacts of second-homeowners on the communities near their second homes are significant. As the city creates its updated comprehensive plan, it is interested in gathering input from local residents and business owners. Though residents feel that the existing trail system is easily accessible, residents envision an interconnected, preserved and functional park, trail and open space network.Residents support increased public beach access, expanded trail networks connected to surrounding communities, as well as increased signage for new and existing trail users.Location of open space improvements: Nisswa is reasonably accessible and interconnected. A second Nisswa Community Visioning Session regarding the city’s comprehensive plan update will be held from 5-8 p.m. The Nisswa Community Visioning Session is one of the tools the city is using to collect this information.The visioning session will be an open house style. Residents support a collaborative effort to maintain and preserve the community’s unique sense of place and up-north feel. The thriving downtown environment attracts people to the city not only as a destination, but often times a location for second-homeowners.Residents support cooperative efforts to maintain the sense of place, and enhancepedestrian infrastructure in the downtown business district.Trail network: Trails build strong, economically vital communities. It has served as the cultural, social and economic heart of the city. Ninety-three percent of survey respondents agree that Nisswa is a welcoming and attractive place for visitors, and 85 percent of respondents agree that the Paul Bunyan Trail is an amenity in attracting tourists and visitors.Downtown: Downtown plays a critical role in establishing Nisswa’s identity. Survey respondents support continuing effort in supporting entrepreneurs and new businesses. Nisswa residents are welcome to come any time during the event to participate in one-on-one discussions regarding Nisswa’s future.Comments and questions regarding this plan can be directed to the Planning and Zoning Department at 218-963-4444.To learn more about the Nisswa Comprehensive Plan and process, visit surveyThe city received 178 responses to a four-week online comprehensive plan community survey that was developed after collecting feedback from participants who attended the first Community Visioning Session in January.A combination of broad, open-ended questions were asked, as well as questions regarding particular topics such as sense of place, park, trail and open space, transportation and infrastructure, economic development, housing, downtown, tourism, etc.The feedback collected will form the foundation of the goals and policies, help inform planning priorities, and will be addressed in the new comprehensive plan document.Following is a summary of responses compiled by Ashley Kaisershot, planner and zoning specialist with the National Joint Powers Alliance:Nisswa characterNisswa is a quaint tourist community with a strong sense of community with its unique central business district and wealth of natural resources. It can be assumed that residents would support programming and community efforts toward the implementation of such best management practices, not only on a property owner level, but city-wide scale.TourismNisswa’s economy depends heavily on revenues generated from sales.

Card games: March 26, 2017

Anyone interested in joining the bridge game at the Crosslake Community Center can call the center at 218-692-4271. Bill Ellis won the door prize.Bridge scoresMonday, March 13Jenkins VFW, 11 a.m.Peter Graves, 5260; Jim Thompson, 5250.Tuesday, March 14Whitefish Golf Course, 12:30 p.m.Jim Thompson and Lane Weber, 33.5; Florence DeLong and Ardie Hjerpe, and Bruce Peck and Joe Heal, both 28; Dale Dickie and Carolyn Thompson, 23.5.Wednesday, March 15Maucieri’s, 11 a.m.Bruce Peck and Florence DeLong, both 16; Dale Dickie, 15; Barb Grove and Lorraine Northagen, both 13.Thursday, March 16Whitefish Golf Course, 12:30 p.m.DuplicateJim Thompson and Lane Weber, 32.5; Sandy and Bob Crozier, 27.5; Lorraine Northagen and Florence DeLong, 23.5; Bruce Peck and Dale Dickie, 23.Friday, March 17Crosslake Community Center, 1 p.m.Jim Thompson, 5640; Barb Grove, 4180; and Pam Graves, 3520.Anyone interested in joining any of the bridge games can contact Jim Thompson at 218-543-4688. 500Pine River American Legion1 p.m. TuesdaysTuesday, March 14Les Dupont, 3510; Clarence Sears, 3350; Bud Johnson, 3220; Ed Kloncz, 1820.